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Iconic Guitars, founded by luthier Kevin Proctor in 2012, crafts instruments inspired by just that; the most Iconic guitars from the various golden eras of electric guitar Lutherie. They tout unparalleled tone and unsurpassed quality, which is backed up by the models they produce. Models such as:

La Playa

Gibson Les Pauls may scratch their own itch, but there are A LOT of itches out there to scratch, and the La Playa updates many design concepts for the modern guitarist.


The Tamarack is ready to SMOKE your Nashville chicken-pickin’ gigs but it’s not just a one trick pony.


Iconic’s take on the offset; They addressed many playability concerns in previous offset models made by other manufacturers.

Solana VM

VM Stands for “vintage modern” and that cannot be any more accurate. What made the strat irresistible to Hendrix and Clapton remains, but with many updates, features, and options to set it apart from the crowd and interact beautifully with any host of amplifiers.

With high quality materials selected for construction electronics (pickups, etc), exceptional craftsmanship, near limitless specs (double bound, crazy holo flake, etc.), Iconic Guitars is a top-tier choice for tone chasing guitarists.