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Gretsch guitars have a rich history and have left a significant mark in the world of musical instruments. Their Jet series offers a diverse range of electric guitars, including the iconic Gretsch Electromatic, known for their outstanding playability and unique design. These guitars cater to various genres and preferences, with solid-body options like the Double cut Jet and the Single-Cut models. Now owned by Fender, Gretsch guitars has the support of one of the most prolific producers of electric guitars on the market.

The renowned Hollow Body series from Gretsch is characterized by its distinctive sound and stylish aesthetics. Many of these guitars feature cutaways, Bigsby vibratos and Filter'Tron pickups, adding to their signature tone. Gretsch has successfully combined the elegance of hollow-body guitars with the power of rock 'n' roll, making them popular among guitarists of all styles.

The Gretsch Duo Jet is another classic model that has earned its place in the hearts of players worldwide. The limited edition Brooklyn and Players Edition versions offer enhancements and unique finishes like Walnut Stain, making them highly sought-after collectibles.

Not limited to electric guitars, Gretsch also produces acoustic guitars, baritones, bass guitars, banjos, resonators, and lap steels, showcasing their versatility as a brand. Their roots in country and rock 'n' roll can be traced back to guitar legends like Chet Atkins and George Harrison, who used Gretsch guitars to define that great Gretsch sound in both vintage and modern setups, regardless of what pedals and amps you’re using. Their Streamliner Center Block Jr and Electromatic Center Block Jr models provide a semi-hollow option with a rich, resonant tone. Their 140th anniversary ushered in their new Double Platinum series.

Gretsch's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in their Vintage Select and Custom Shop lines, featuring high-quality materials, gold hardware, rosewood fingerboards and stunning finishes like Midnight Sapphire and Cadillac Green.

Whether it's the Gretsch White Falcon, Broadkaster, or Country Gentleman in Vintage White, Gretsch electric guitars continue to be cherished by guitarists worldwide for their unique aesthetics and exceptional tone. From iconic rockers like Malcolm Young to jazz legends, Gretsch guitars have played a significant role in shaping the music industry and continue to be a favorite among musicians seeking that unmistakable Gretsch sound. With a wide range of options, including the Electromatic Double Jet, Streamliner Junior Jet Club, and the Gretsch Streamliner Hollow Body, Gretsch offers musical instruments that inspire musicians to create exceptional music across various genres.