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Santa Cruz Guitar Company, brainchild of master luthier Richard Hoover, is one of the premiere acoustic guitar makers on the planet. Using only the finest tonewoods such as Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, and Master Grade Koa, their acoustic guitars, are produced at a level that few can say they match. They use techniques all the way back from pre war era all the way to modern, cutting edge. Models range from tiny couch darlings like the Firefly, going up to versatile workhorses like the F model and H model, continuing up to classics like their fingerstyle cutaway, to massive dreadnoughts and their vintage jumbo. Their custom shop offers a bevy of options when it comes to tonewoods, hardware, binding, inlays; even various stains and sunbursts! Their stellar work has led them to be the choice of Massive stars like Brad Paisley or virtuosos like Eric Skye; both having signature models from SCGC.

They’re also known for making some of the finest guitar strings on the market; The SCGC Parabolic Tension series. One of the most popular models is the Santa Cruz OM, which features a sleek design and is perfect for fingerstyle playing. Another popular model is the Santa Cruz D, a classic dreadnought-style guitar that is known for its powerful sound and projection. The Santa Cruz H is another standout model, with a unique body shape and a spruce top that delivers a bright, clear tone. The company also offers a wide range of custom guitars, with options for custom inlays, sunburst finishes, and top-quality tuners.

The company's custom shop allows customers to create their own unique instruments, with options for pickups, inlays, and other features. The Santa Cruz Firefly is a popular cutaway model that is perfect for fingerstyle playing, while the Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner is a jumbo-sized guitar with a pre-war design and old growth Sitka Spruce top. Santa Cruz guitars are highly regarded by musicians and collectors worldwide, with artists like Brad Paisley and Eric Skye among their fans. The company has even created signature models for some of these artists.

Overall, Santa Cruz Guitar Company is a premier guitar maker that is known for its exceptional craftsmanship, top-quality tonewoods, and innovative design. Their commitment to using sustainable materials and traditional crafting techniques has earned them a loyal following among guitar enthusiasts. Demos of their guitars are available on their website and ours, making it easy for customers to hear the sound and tone of each instrument before making a purchase.

Want to hear some models from Santa Cruz Guitar Company in action? Check out this playlist on the Eddie’s Guitars youtube channel featuring demos of some of the finest SCGC’s we’ve seen, such as this Custom OM, OOO European Spruce & African Blackwood, Or Matt’s custom SCGC Fingerstyle with Moon Spruce top. Prepare yourself for some unbelievable koa and cocobolo as well!