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Mayones Guitars, based in Gdańsk, Poland, has gained international acclaim for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, particularly in the realm of electric guitars. The Mayones Regius, a flagship model, exemplifies the brand's commitment to quality and precision. Available in various configurations, such as the Regius 6 and Regius 7, these guitars feature high-end components, including eye-catching tops like the Eye Poplar, Flame Maple, and Burl, showcasing Mayones' dedication to utilizing premium materials. Other models like the Setius and Aquila offer even more variety to their lineup

The Mayones Duvell Elite 6 and Duvell Elite 7 string guitar are additional offerings that cater to the needs of both six- and seven-string players. These guitars boast a set neck construction, providing enhanced sustain and resonance. With striking finishes like Antique Black and Dirty Purple Blue Burst, the Duvel Elite series stands out not only for its tonal excellence but also for its visual allure.

The Mayones Hydra Elite, available in 6- and 7-string versions, is a testament to the brand's versatility in catering to different playing styles. The guitar features a trans graphite satin finish, a nod to modern aesthetics, and is equipped with high-quality pickups, often including Bare Knuckle TKO’s or Seymour Duncan options, ensuring a wide range of tonal possibilities.

For those seeking a baritone option, Mayones offers the Regius Core Baritone, demonstrating the brand's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of guitarists. The extended scale length and solid body construction contribute to a powerful and resonant low-end response.

The Mayones Jabba series extends the brand's expertise into the realm of bass guitars. With eye-catching tops, such as Burl and Flame Maple, and high-quality pickups, the Jabba series showcases Mayones' dedication to delivering top-tier instruments for bass players.

Mayones guitars are known for their set neck construction, contributing to improved sustain and stability. The choice of fingerboards, including Ebony and Birdseye Maple, adds to the instruments' playability and aesthetic appeal. The Monolith series, with its Swamp Ash body and options like Black Limba, further exemplifies Mayones' commitment to crafting instruments that are both tonally exceptional and visually stunning.

Collaborations with renowned artists like John Browne have solidified Mayones' reputation in the industry. The Duvell Qatsi, developed in collaboration with Browne, showcases Mayones' ability to work closely with musicians to create instruments tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Mayones Guitars also offers a variety of finish options, from classic Sunburst to contemporary choices like Trans Dirty Red. The Trans Natural finish, in particular, highlights the natural beauty of the tonewoods used in Mayones guitars, providing a transparent and elegant look.

Musicians seeking instruments that marry exquisite craftsmanship with cutting-edge design need look no further than Mayones.