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A music store is nothing without the musical instruments it carries.

Eddie’s Guitars’ biggest priority as a guitar store is simple; a seemingly endless array of quality acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass guitars to choose from. Like Les Pauls? We have everything from Epiphone Les Pauls to USA Gibson Les Pauls, to Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab Les Pauls. Like PRS? We have everything from PRS SE to PRS Private Stock. Martin Guitars? Everything from a Dreadnought Jr. to a D-45S Authentic. Semi-hollow or Hollowbody, how about both? We have Gretsch, Collings, and Gibson USA/ Gibson Custom Shop options that’ll make your head spin. Do you just like a classic Sunburst? We’ve got you covered. Stratocasters? Telecasters? Everything from Made in Mexico to Masterbuilt Fender Custom shop, to reinterpretations of those designs with different combos of features. We have BFR’s from Ernie Ball Music Man, J Customs from Ibanez, Exhibition series ESP’s, Paul Reed Smith’s and EVH’s, as well as the blistering number of custom builds we spec out with many of our favorite luthiers. Our bass guitar selection is nothing to scoff at either, with amazing bass guitars from Fodera, Warwick, Fender, Sadowsky, Ernie Ball Music Man, Squier and Ibanez.

We’re also proud to have a wide selection of acoustic guitars from prestigious boutique builders like Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, Goodall, Froggy Bottom, and many, many others just as incredible. We have a ton of limited edition models as well as shop exclusives from many different builders. Check out our new arrivals to see all the breathtaking instruments our manufacturers are pumping out as well as any used gear that made it in! Lefties; we didn’t forget about you either! We stock many left-handed models and are happy to reach out about ordering others if we can!

We also stock a selection of combo amps, heads and cabinets from Mesa/Boogie amps as well as Fender, Carr, and PRS. While we don’t have the biggest selection of amps around, the ones we do carry are the bee’s knees. Doing some modding to your guitar? We have pickups as well, from Fender, PRS and Gibson.

The staff at Eddie’s guitars is committed to finding the perfect guitar or bass to fit YOUR situation; your effects pedals and amplifiers/processor/studio monitors/midi trombone. If you don’t find the guitar you are looking in our inventory, let us custom spec on for you. Built just the way you like it! The combo of this commitment and our staggering selection of musical instruments should set us apart from your old favorite guitar shop.

Is there a new arrival that’s caught your eye? Did a deluxe, limited edition, one-of-a-kind Custom Shop Stratocaster you’ve been losing sleep over go on sale? Did you want to talk to a real human being about a listing you saw on our Reverb Shop? Please give us a call at 314-781-7500!