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1. Introduction to PRS Acoustic Guitars: Paul Reed Smith, a name synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship in the world of guitars, extends his mastery to the realm of acoustic instruments. PRS Acoustic Guitars, including the Angelus and Tonare series, showcase a commitment to quality and innovation, making them a noteworthy player in the acoustic guitar market.

2. PRS SE Acoustics: The PRS SE Acoustics, part of the SE line, bring the renowned PRS quality to a more accessible range. The SE A20E and SE A40E, for instance, feature a solid spruce top that contributes to a rich and vibrant tone. These guitars are designed to provide excellent playability, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced players alike. The SE series reflects PRS's dedication to delivering high-quality acoustic guitars at various price points.

3. Angelus Acoustic-Electric Guitar Series: At the heart of PRS's acoustic lineup is the Angelus series, epitomized by the PRS Angelus acoustic-electric guitar. With its Angelus cutaway body shape, this guitar offers easy access to higher frets and is equipped with the Fishman electronics system, ensuring a pristine amplified sound. The combination of tonewoods, craftsmanship, and the distinctive PRS headstock sign contributes to the guitar's allure.

4. Tonare Acoustic-Electric Guitar Series: The Tonare series, including the Tonare Grand and Tonare Parlor, showcases a diversity of body shapes catering to different player preferences. The PRS SE T40E, for instance, features Ovangkol back and sides, contributing to a warm and resonant tone. The Tonare series, like all PRS acoustic guitars, places a premium on playability and tonal versatility.

5. Private Stock Limited Editions: For those seeking the pinnacle of craftsmanship, PRS offers limited edition acoustic guitars under the Private Stock banner. These instruments are meticulously crafted with exquisite tonewoods and attention to detail. Whether adorned with intricate inlays, finished in a striking Black Gold or Tobacco Sunburst, or featuring classical bracing, Private Stock Limited Editions represent the epitome of PRS's acoustic guitar artistry.

6. SE Parlor and SE P20E: The PRS SE Parlor and SE P20E are excellent examples of smaller-bodied guitars designed for comfort and portability. The SE Parlor, with its black top and Fishman electronics, delivers a focused and balanced sound. The SE P20E, on the other hand, features a solid mahogany top and is equipped with a Fishman GT1 preamp, ensuring an authentic amplified acoustic experience.

7. Signature Models and Artist Collaborations: PRS extends its influence into the acoustic realm with signature models like the PRS SE A60E, inspired by PRS artist Al Di Meola. These guitars often incorporate unique features, tonewoods, and finishes tailored to the preferences of celebrated musicians, demonstrating PRS's commitment to catering to the diverse needs of players.

8. Playability and Electronics: Across the entire PRS acoustic lineup, a common thread is the emphasis on playability. Whether it's the SE A50E or the SE T50E, PRS ensures that each guitar is designed for comfortable and enjoyable playing experiences. Additionally, with Fishman Sonitone or GT1 electronics, PRS acoustic guitars offer players the flexibility to seamlessly transition between acoustic and amplified settings, making them versatile tools for various musical contexts.