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Tom Anderson Guitarworks is at the forefront of electric guitar production. They possess such exacting standards for the materials they select and instruments they produce, that few other builders could consider themselves peers.

Tom Anderson started Anderson Guitarworks after leaving Schecter, originally just to make guitar parts. He began winding pickups in his kitchen and then began making necks and bodies for other builders that didn't have facilities yet. These builders include titans of the electric guitar building community like John Suhr, Roger Sadowsky, and James Tyler.

From a humble start in Tom's garage in 1984 to their current state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, their commitment to excellence has never faltered. Anderson has pioneered innovations across the entire landscape of the instrument. From their ultraviolet light paint curing process, to their unrelenting durability tests of wood and hardware, their A-shaped wedgie neck joint, offering “Shorty” scale length on most of their models, or even their implementation of the Buzz Feiten tuning system and stainless steel frets on all of their guitars; Anderson is on a quest to improve the experience of playing the guitar for the player, which ultimately gives the listener a better experience as well. Their even taper neck shape is the ultimate crowd pleaser of playability. Even the appearance of their guitars is second to none; with finishes like Atlantic Storm, Purple Wakesurf, Bora Dog Hair, Cajun Key Lime Burst, Light Tiger Eye Burst as well as Big Sparkle and “In Distress.” You have to see the way some of these burst and wakesurf finishes reach with the flame maple and quilt maple tops to believe them. Custom guitar’s from Anderson are each a supreme example of what can be achieved in regards to instrument production.

Models from Tom Anderson guitars range from reinterpretations from iconic S, T, Single Cut, and Offset designs from the past like their solid body/chambered Tom Anderson Drop Top, Drop Top Classic Icon Classic, T Classic, Top T Classic Bobcat, Cobra, and Raven models, to 80’s shred machines like the Pro Am, all the way to modern powerhouses like their Tom Anderson Angel/Angel Player/Guardian Angel or feature-laden marvels like the Crowdster. Regardless of the model or features, Anderson Guitarworks invests an almost unparalleled level of attention and care into their guitars.