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Huss & Dalton Guitars, a Virginia-based guitar company founded by luthiers Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton, has gained a reputation for crafting exceptional acoustic instruments. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every Huss & Dalton guitar, making them a top choice for discerning guitarists worldwide.

One of the standout features of Huss & Dalton acoustic guitars is their exquisite choice of tonewoods. They often use Indian rosewood and mahogany for back and sides, creating warm, resonant tones that are cherished by musicians. The combination of Sitka and Adirondack spruce tops ensures a rich and balanced sound, with Sitka delivering clarity and Adirondack adding projection.

For those who favor dreadnought-style guitars, the Huss & Dalton TD-R Custom is a gem. With its Indian rosewood back and sides and a Sitka spruce top, it offers a full-bodied sound that's perfect for both fingerstyle and strumming. The Huss & Dalton DS Custom is another dreadnought option, featuring Sinker Mahogany for a unique vintage character.

If you're a fan of smaller body guitars, the Huss & Dalton Crossroads and Huss & Dalton CM are excellent choices. These models typically feature Adirondack spruce tops and Indian rosewood or mahogany back and sides. They provide a more focused, balanced sound, making them ideal for fingerstyle playing.

Huss & Dalton's commitment to innovation is evident in their use of thermo-cured tops and sunburst finishes. Thermo-cured tops enhance stability and resonance, while the sunburst finish adds a touch of vintage elegance to their instruments.

Huss & Dalton also offers a range of custom options, allowing guitarists to tailor their instruments to their exact preferences. Whether it's a Dalton TOM-R Custom with an Italian spruce top, a TD-M Custom with Bearclaw Sitka, or a T-0014 Custom with Koa back and sides, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Notably, Huss & Dalton is not limited to acoustic guitars alone. They also produce electric guitars like the Statesboro.

The Huss & Dalton guitar company, located in Staunton, Virginia, is a testament to the dedication of its founders, Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton. Their expertise and passion for building high-quality instruments have made their brand synonymous with excellence in the world of luthiery.

Guitarists seeking a shorter scale or a cutaway design will find options in the Huss & Dalton lineup as well. Models like the Tom-M and the OM-C offer comfort and playability without sacrificing tone. The Huss & Dalton T-0014 and the T-0014 Custom are popular choices among those who appreciate a more compact body style.

For fans of unique tonewoods, the Huss & Dalton D-RH stands out with its Redwood top, which imparts a warm and responsive character to the guitar. This blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design makes Huss & Dalton a favorite among musicians across genres.

In conclusion, Huss & Dalton Guitars have earned their place among the world's top instrument makers, thanks to the impeccable quality, tonal versatility, and attention to detail that define their instruments. Whether you're a fingerstyle virtuoso, a blues enthusiast, or an acoustic rocker, you'll find a Huss & Dalton guitar that speaks to your musical soul. These instruments continue to uphold the rich tradition of American guitar craftsmanship while embracing modern innovations, making them a cherished choice for guitarists.