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Don Grosh Guitars has carved a distinctive niche in the world of high-end electric guitars, and Don Grosh himself is celebrated for his meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs. The Grosh Guitars lineup includes a variety of models, each with its own unique features and specifications.

One of the standout models in the Grosh lineup is the Retro Classic, a guitar that pays homage to the iconic Fender Stratocaster. The Retro Classic Vintage T features a nos vintage T model with specs that capture the essence of vintage Fender guitars. With its rosewood fingerboard, swamp ash body, and Grosh pickups, it delivers the classic tone while offering modern playability.

The Grosh Electrajet, on the other hand, is a testament to Don Grosh's ability to create guitars that are both visually stunning and tonally versatile. With near limiteless options and a variety of finishes, including the eye-catching Flame Maple top, the Electrajet stands out as a unique and premium instrument.

For those who prefer the Telecaster style, Grosh Guitars offers the NOS Retro, a model that combines vintage aesthetics with modern features. The NOS Retro features a maple neck, alder body, and Grosh pickups, capturing the essence of the iconic Telecaster while adding a touch of Grosh innovation.

The Limited Edition models from Grosh Guitars are highly sought after by collectors and players alike. These guitars often feature special finishes, unique specs, and meticulous attention to detail that sets them apart. The Broomfield Limited Edition, for example, showcases Grosh's commitment to creating instruments that are as visually stunning as they are sonically impressive.

Don Grosh Guitars also caters to players seeking a baritone option with the Grosh Electrajet Custom Baritone. This model features a longer scale length and is equipped with Grosh humbuckers, providing a deep and rich tonal palette that expands the sonic possibilities for the player.

The attention to detail extends to the headstock, with its distinctive design that reflects Grosh's commitment to creating instruments that are both visually appealing and unique. Whether it's the classic look of the Retro Classic headstock or the more modern design of the Electrajet, Grosh headstocks are instantly recognizable.

Grosh Guitars' commitment to playability is evident in the choice of frets, neck profiles, and overall setup of their instruments. The HSS (humbucker, single-coil, single-coil) pickup configurations, available on certain models, provide players with a versatile range of tones suitable for various musical genres.

The use of high-quality materials such as flame maple tops, swamp ash bodies, and rosewood fingerboards contributes to the overall excellence of Grosh Guitars. The lacquer finishes on many of their models not only enhance the visual appeal but also allow the tonewoods to resonate to their fullest potential.

Whether it's the Grosh NOS Retro, the Electrajet Custom, or any other model from the Grosh Guitars lineup, players can expect an instrument that combines classic design with modern innovation. The incorporation of features like Bigsby tremolos, Kluson tuners, and custom pickguards further demonstrates Grosh's commitment to delivering instruments that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.