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McNally Guitars is a reputable name in the world of acoustic guitar making, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Founded by luthier Ciaran McNally in Northern Ireland, McNally Guitars have gained recognition for their outstanding quality and tone.

One of the notable offerings from McNally Guitars is their OM model. Built with precision and care, the McNally OM delivers a balanced and versatile sound that is highly sought after by professional musicians and enthusiasts alike. With a combination of premium tonewoods such as Sitka spruce and rosewood, these guitars produce a rich and resonant tone that is ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

Ciaran McNally, the master luthier behind McNally Guitars, brings years of experience and expertise to his craft. His meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of his instrument, from the flawless construction to the exquisite rosette designs. With a background in Celtic guitar making, McNally's guitars often feature intricate and captivating Celtic-inspired designs, adding a unique touch to his creations. Collaborations with renowned guitarists like Shane Hennessy demonstrate McNally Guitars' commitment to producing high-quality musical instruments across various genres.

The use of premium tonewoods sets McNally Guitars apart. From sinker redwood to high-quality rosewood, these guitars offer a distinct and resonant tone that appeals to discerning musicians. The craftsmanship extends beyond the guitar body, with attention given to details such as the fretboard and rosette, resulting in instruments that are both visually stunning and sonically exceptional.

McNally Guitars has established a strong presence in the industry, gaining recognition from esteemed guitar builders such as Lowden and Atkin Guitars.

For musicians seeking high-quality, handcrafted instruments, McNally Guitars offers a range of options that are meticulously built and tailored to deliver exceptional sound and playability. Whether you're a professional guitarist or a dedicated enthusiast, the instruments crafted by luthier Ciaran McNally are sure to inspire and elevate your musical journey.