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Fodera Guitars began with a brilliant idea; for a builder to develop their musical instruments in tandem with a professional player. Joey Lauricella and Vinny Fodera decided to combine Joey's 10,000 hours of pro-playing experience with luthier Vinny's 10,000 hours making custom hand-made electric guitars and electric basses to achieve incredible results in instrument production.

Fodera Guitars' unique approach to instrument building, combining the expertise of a professional player with that of a master luthier, has resulted in some of the most coveted and sought-after custom instruments in the world, like the Fodera Imperial. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail has allowed them to create instruments that offer incredible tonal nuance and unmatched playability. Fodera set out to make distinguished, handmade custom instruments with robust and complex features to allow previously unassessed tonal nuances. They continued this until 2009 when Jason Desalvo became a partner and their team grew to 15 people. This grew their production and ability to share their instruments with the world in tandem.

Located In Brooklyn, NY since their founding in 1983, Fodera makes a bevy of models that cater to any artist. From a reliable, SSS-tier performance instrument like their Standard Series options introduced in 2011, to custom, one of a kind pieces of art with almost any feature you can imagine (custom preamp, inlays, string spacing, etc.). They use tremendous tonewoods for the construction of their instruments as well as aesthetic appointments. Often times they will match the grain of quilted maple or burl top to the pickups for an extremely clean, consistent effect not seen on many electric bass guitars. Their flagship models like the Fodera Monarch and the Fodera Imperial are just the beginning of what's available. Fodera Basses all produce an incredibly balanced tone with tremendous low-end foundation. They offer many fretless and bolt-on options as well!

One of Fodera's most popular bass guitar models is the Fodera Monarch. This bass guitar is made with a variety of high-quality tonewoods, such as flame maple, ash, and walnut, and features a maple neck with an ebony or rosewood fingerboard. The Fodera Monarch is available in both 4 and 5-string bass guitar versions and can be ordered as a fretless or fretted instrument. The Fodera Monarch Deluxe and Fodera Monarch Standard Classic are some of the popular iterations of this model.

The Fodera Emperor is another popular bass guitar model. This bass guitar is known for its outstanding sound and is available in several different versions, including the Fodera Emperor Deluxe and Fodera Emperor 5 Standard Classic. The Fodera Emperor is made with a solid alder body and features a maple top with a variety of finishes, including natural and sunburst. This bass guitar model also features a maple neck with an rosewood fingerboard and a Fodera preamp.

The Fodera Imperial 5 is a bass guitar model that is highly sought after by professional musicians. This bass guitar is made with a variety of high-quality tonewoods, such as burl top maple and redwood, and features a bolt-on maple neck with an ebony fingerboard. The Fodera Imperial 5 Elite is another variation of this model that features a deluxe 3-piece neck and EMG pickups. The Fodera Yin Yang is another popular bass guitar model that is known for its stunning aesthetics and exceptional tone.

Fodera's mission to achieve only the best of the best in tone and playability has attracted a wide roster of incredible artists including Anthony Jackson, Isaiah Sharkey, and one of the most prolific bass players, musicians, and musical educators alive; Victor Wooten.