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Semi-Acoustic, or Hollow Body Electric guitars, have been around since Orville Gibson pioneered the ES-150 in 1936. Archtop acoustic guitars had existed prior to this, but Charlie Christian playing this model with an electric pickup and f-holes helped identify the guitar as a solo instrument to the masses. Cutaways were introduced for upper fret access, leading to Single cut and Double-cut models surfacing soon after. There are also Semi-Hollow body electric guitars that feature a center block in the body that bridges the gap between a solid body and a hollow body electric guitar. Blues player’s like B.B. King and Jazz Players like George Benson have had illustrious careers playing these instruments but the application of these instruments extends way beyond just blues and jazz! Whether single coil or humbucker, the style and variety of options when it comes to Hollow Body electric guitars has changed just as much over the years as the music being made with them. From iconic Walnut Stain Rickenbackers used by the Beatles, to stunning Vintage Sunburst Gibson ES-335 reissues from the Gibson Custom shop, to rockabilly titans with bigsby tremolos; even Thinline Telecasters just to get some air movin’ around for your math rock licks, Eddie’s Guitars has a hollow body electric guitar that suits your playing needs; including tons of left-handed models!

Hollow body electric guitars are a popular choice for many guitar players, as they offer a warm and full-bodied tone that is ideal for a wide range of musical styles, from jazz to rockabilly. Brands such as Gretsch, Ibanez, and PRS offer a range of hollow body guitars with a variety of features and finishes, including sunburst, ebony, and rosewood fingerboards, and pickups such as humbuckers, single-coils, and piezo.

One popular feature of many hollow body guitars is the Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, which allows for subtle pitch variations and adds to the vintage look of the guitar. The F-holes on the body of the guitar not only enhance the tone, but also add to the classic aesthetic of the instrument. Cutaway models are also available, allowing for greater accessibility to the upper frets.

Ibanez's Artcore series is a popular choice for those seeking a semi-hollowbody electric guitar, with models such as the AS73 and AS93 offering a thinline body design and a variety of finishes, including vintage sunburst, red burst, and blue burst. PRS's SE Hollowbody II is another option, with a single cutaway and a center block to reduce feedback, while D'Angelico Premier offers a variety of finishes, including walnut stain, orange stain, and matte.

Regardless of the brand or model, hollow body guitars offer a unique playing experience, with a tone that is distinct from solid body guitars. With features such as humbuckers, single-coils, and piezo pickups, as well as Bigsby vibrato tailpieces and center blocks to reduce feedback, there is a hollow body guitar to suit every player's needs. Gig bags are also available for easy transport, making these guitars ideal for both gigging and studio use.