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Waterloo Guitars, an extension of the renowned Collings Guitars brand, pays homage to the golden era of acoustic guitars with their exceptional instruments. Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, Waterloo Guitars captures the essence of vintage designs, providing players with authentic tonal experiences reminiscent of classic Gibson and Martin guitars.

The Waterloo WL-14 X and WL-14L X, both part of the Waterloo line, showcase the brand's dedication to vintage-inspired aesthetics and sound. With their sunburst finishes and Spruce tops, these guitars evoke the spirit of the Depression era with meticulous attention to detail.

Waterloo Guitars draws inspiration from various iconic guitar models, including the Jumbo King, which captures the essence of jumbo body archtop guitars. The Waterloo WL-K showcases the brand's commitment to reimagining classic designs with a modern twist, delivering a vintage-inspired experience with modern playability. The Waterloo WL-12 and WL-14 Scissortail exhibit a dedication to delivering instruments that cater to a diverse range of players and musical preferences.

Luthier Bill Collings, known for his craftsmanship at Collings Guitars’s, legacy of expertise extends to the Waterloo line, ensuring that every instrument meets the highest standards of quality. The Waterloo WL-14 X and WL-14L X models, for example, incorporate X bracing and a truss rod system that reflects Collings' commitment to structural integrity and playability.

From its vintage-inspired archtop guitars and beyond, Waterloo Guitars showcases a commitment to detail and craftsmanship that is second to none. The Waterloo WL-Deluxe, with its Jet Black finish and exceptional attention to detail, exemplifies the brand's pursuit of excellence in both aesthetics and sound.

With their focus on delivering instruments that capture the feel and tone of the past, Waterloo Guitars has established itself as a reliable source of vintage-inspired acoustic guitars. Whether it's the WL-14 X, WL-14L X, or the WL-K, these guitars are crafted with precision and care, providing players with instruments that pay homage to the classic designs that have shaped American music history.