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Skytop guitars player-focused, intimate guitars are the incredible result of luthier Eric Weigeshoff’s commitment to an acoustic guitar that is both sonically viable as well as unique asthetically. Featuring a side-soundport, the sound is focused at the player without sacrificing the front-facing tone of a traditional soundhole guitar or adopting the attack of an archtop guitar. The structure of the soundboard is uncompromised with this design.

Innovative features continue with their use of multiscale design, providing better intonation and string tension across the neck than traditional standard scale instruments. Their neck profile is nearly that of a modern electric guitar; unparalleled playability can be found whether or not the guitar in question features a cutaway.

Skytop also uses tremendous tonewoods in the construction of their guitars, such as Teredo Sitka, Spalted Tamarind, Bearclaw Sitka, Spalted Zebrawood, Indian Rosewood, African Blackwood, Crelicam Ebony, and various Redwoods. Skytop guitars makes a player focused instrument which ultimately leads to the best experience for the listener; as the player is the first listener.