Quality Over Quantity

Some guitar stores only care about moving as many products as they can, and that’s fine for them. At Eddie’s Guitars, however, we firmly believe that instrument quality is paramount to anything else. That is why we have spent 50 years pursuing the finest instruments and top-quality manufacturers to become an industry leader for high-end guitars and amps.

And not only are we incredibly particular about the brands that we carry, but perhaps most importantly, we diligently research the individual models that we keep in stock. This ensures that each guitar in our inventory meets our high standard for quality and brings something unique to the table — you will not find the variety of guitars and amps we carry in your average music shop.

With new equipment arriving daily, you are certain to find the perfect guitar, bass or amp to fit your style of play. Our meticulous criteria for each instrument that comes through our door also means that your are guaranteed to find only the highest quality of product.

Whether you are a collector looking for something special or you are a guitar enthusiast who knows exactly what you want, our experienced staff are ready to answer any questions and help you find the perfect guitar.

Serving you Since 1971

The history of Eddie’s Guitars dates back to 1971, when shop owner Ed Putney went into business. His passion for music dates back to the 1950s when he began taking classical piano lessons. In the home parlor where he took his lessons, Ed’s passion for guitar was born.

Sitting across from the Steinway Grand Piano where he sat were two Gibson guitars that he lusted to learn how to play. Unfortunately, it was not in the cards for him to learn, as his parents forbid him to play guitar. They were worried he “would turn out like Elvis Presley!”

Throughout being in business in the ’70s and ’80s, Ed realized his passion for guitars could be translated into another area — sales. It was during that time that he committed to selling the best guitars possible and made that the focal point of his business.

In 2000, Eddie’s son Nathan came on board to help curate what Eddie’s Guitars could become. Their vision was to develop and create the business to include nothing but the world’s best guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals. Their decision to handle only the finest quality products lead to include what would become known as boutique manufacturers, small builders that share their affinity for the highest quality. This mantra has created a guitar shop where thousands of incredible voices reside for your choosing.

With half a century’s experience in the music industry, we know what quality instruments are and should be. We implore anybody who shares our passion to visit our showroom and experience what we have to offer: The finest guitars and gear in production.

Meet the Experts at Eddies

The VIP Treatment

We know that finding the perfect guitar is no simple task, and we want you to have one-on-one attention from our experienced staff. Being able to prepare ahead of time by having the desired instruments or equipment ready for you to try creates a much smoother process, and should you find the guitar you thought you wanted doesn’t play as expected, we want to be available to recommend other options.