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Breedlove Guitars is a prominent name in the world of acoustic guitars, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to innovation. Based in Bend, Oregon, Breedlove is celebrated for using unique and sustainable tonewoods, such as myrtlewood and rosewood, to create instruments that are both sonically captivating and visually stunning.

One of Breedlove's standout series is the Concerto, featuring body shapes like the Concerto and Concerto CE. These guitars offer a well-balanced sound with extended bass and lush overtones. The use of tonewoods like red cedar and myrtlewood or Sitka spruce and myrtlewood results in instruments that project a harmonically rich and complex sound.

For those looking for a versatile and accessible option, the Discovery S and Discovery S Concert CE offer exceptional playability and quality at an affordable price point. These guitars are perfect for entry-level players or those seeking an instrument for everyday practice and performance.

Breedlove's commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of eco-friendly materials and practices. Their Limited Edition models, like the Oregon Concert CE Myrtlewood, showcase exquisite craftsmanship while promoting sustainability by using myrtlewood from the Oregon coast.

The signature sound of Breedlove Guitars is defined by their innovative body shapes, including the Concertina and the Concert. These shapes, meticulously designed by Breedlove luthiers, contribute to the distinct tonal character of their instruments. Whether it's the warmth of the Concertina or the dynamic range of the Concert, these shapes offer an array of sonic possibilities.

Breedlove's partnership with Fishman has resulted in exceptional acoustic-electric options like the Breedlove Organic Concert CE. These guitars not only provide an authentic acoustic tone but also offer convenient access to amplified performances. Artists like Jeff Bridges have embraced Breedlove guitars for their tonal versatility and accessibility.

Breedlove's commitment to excellence extends to their Custom Shop, where skilled luthiers create instruments tailored to individual preferences. The attention to detail and personalized touch make each Custom Shop guitar a unique masterpiece.

From their Wildwood series featuring stunning tonewoods like Cocobolo, Ovangkol, African Mahogany, European Spruce, or Sinker Redwood to the artistic brilliance of the Artista series with its captivating inlays and finishes, Breedlove consistently pushes the boundaries of acoustic guitar design. With body shapes ranging from the Concert CE to the Concert Edgeburst, Breedlove accommodates diverse playing styles and tonal preferences, making their instruments suitable for a wide range of guitarists.

In conclusion, Breedlove Guitars has earned a prominent place in the acoustic guitar world by combining innovation, sustainability, and artistic craftsmanship. Their dedication to creating exceptional instruments, from the Discovery S series to the Concerto line and beyond, speaks to their commitment to providing guitarists with instruments that inspire and elevate their musical journeys.