Eddie’s and the VIP

We all like to go into a slick guitar store and pick up a sweet axe and lay into it. Quietly, loudly – whatever is our bonding or exhibitionist manner. And, if we are going to buy it, we want it to be perfect, or ‘perfect for us’. Whether you are into flawless finish, aged to perfection, or somewhere in between – we want it the way the lords of the manufacturers intended it to be first. (We may hack it up ourselves later – but we typically don’t want someone else’s hacks.)

As a high-end guitar shop – this presents a quandary for us. We want OUR customers to get an instrument that is un-molested and factory fresh. We want them to know their instrument was handled for inspection, photography and in some cases a demonstration video (and handled by folks who know how to ‘not leave a mark’). It’s important to us – and it should be important to you. We are reminded often that it is VERY important to you, our buyers.

Because of these reasons – Eddie’s long ago adopted the VIP process. YOU are the VIP. Our customer. Our lifeblood. We use our years of expertise, and dare we say ‘wisdom’, to curate and select fine instruments for YOU. We will keep those instruments PERFECT for YOU.

Yes, there are trade-offs…

We don’t have a store full of people casually (or aggressively) pulling instruments off a wall and plugging into the nearest loud box and slaying you with Sweet Child O’ Mine or other lick du jour.

Our shop is calm, controlled – and when you make an appointment the space is dedicated to YOU. Just as if you ordered it online and it shows up at your door (after you tracked the UPS live map for 2 hours watching every turn of the stalked driver…) You are able to open that instrument case and inspect your prize the first time in COMFORT. We want our in-store and out-of-store experiences to be just that – comfortable.

We want you to have the chance to be wowed, to bond, to fall in love with your instrument. It’s pretty hard to do that with Crazy Train screaming from a 100-watt Boogie 15 feet away. Especially if you are scoping out a fine acoustic and playing your favorite Norman Blake ditty. Of course, if that’s how you bond – go for it – just know you won’t have competition for the aural space when you do it.

You’re welcome.

The Instrument Care process, a bullet point walk-through…

  • • The manufacturer ships an instrument to us.
  • We carefully open and inspect the instrument for perfection and make sure nothing is awry from the manufacturer or from the shipping process.
  • We photograph the instrument carefully and in a professional setting.
  • We carefully repack the instrument in its factory shipping box and packing.
  • We catalog and store the instrument in our highly regulated, climate, and temperature controlled, security monitored storage rooms.
  • The instrument is brought out ONLY if:
    • It is purchased
    • A visual inspection or clarification is requested
    • It is requested for inspection by a customer via an appointment (pre-selected via our web site)
    • In some cases when a video demo is planned

So – she is as factory fresh as the buying process can allow. No, 200 dudes did not fondle your squeeze before she got to you. She was made for YOU. She was delivered to you PEREFCT and you are both happy for it. (Instruments WANT to be with their intended owner – truth. We hear them whispering).

VIP. That’s you.

And again, we say You’re Welcome. Not in a snobby way – in the manner in which we are proud to offer an experience that our buyers respect and appreciate. We carry the finest. We curate the best. It’s what you want. And we make sure it is a pure process for you, our VIP.

Contact us today for your Factory Fresh, VIP Treatment – get your superb, high-end gear today for your play, your collection, and your passion.

This article is Player, Rock Star, Budding Rock Star, Folk Hero, Acoustical Wunderkind, Collector, and DBA Approved. (Doctor, Banker, Attorney.)

(A small glimpse behind the scenes!)