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Meet Our Crew

Matt Chulka Eddie's Guitars


Matt fell into his position as the acoustic guru with Eddies back in 2004. He came across the shop while researching Dr.  Z amps, but after walking through the door, his focus instantly changed. Realizing he would end up spending a lot of time in the store no matter what, it was only fitting that he was offered a job later that day.

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Nate’s relationship with Eddies began when he was a 5-year-old hanging around Tower Grove Music, including an eventful game of hide-and-seek where he successfully won by hiding in a drum case that was placed on a top shelf. During his junior year of high school, he was selected for the critical yet too often unrecognized position of Director Of Custodial Engineering.

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Pancho is the true Eddies Guitars veteran – he has worked for Ed for more than 40 years. He has been captivated by guitars for more than 54 years, with the interest sparked by The Beatles and the ensuing British Invasion. His favorite guitar that he has ever owned is the original ’66 Strat given to him new by his father, and the best concert experience he remembers was having front row seats to Cream.

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Granville Eddie's Guitars


Granville has had a lifelong passion for music and has been buying, selling and trading guitars for over twenty-five years. He has been in several bands and has worked as a guitar tech and roadie for various groups. Granville is always looking for the best guitar tone and knows what to look for in amplifiers, guitars and pedals to help you achieve your goals.

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Donny Thurmon Eddie's Guitars


Donny found his love for music at age 6 when his Dad bought him his first guitar; an Epiphone Les Paul Pee Wee. Growing up with two parents that are musicians, his passion was only developed further. At age 11 guitar became more and more a part of daily life and began to take precedent over everything else. All through school Donny performed in concert and jazz band and studied theory up into college.

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Alejandro Montero Eddie's Guitars


Alejandro Montero joined the team in early 2021 after years in the music retail industry. He knew he was meant to be a bass player since he was thirteen after receiving a catalog P-Bass starter pack for Christmas. Since then his musical journey revolved around playing in punk and grunge bands in the early 2000’s with a brief hiatus in art school when he pursued an electronic music career.

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