Why Spend THAT MUCH On A Guitar?

Before we start – let us say this with confidence… There are GREAT instruments at budget price points, and certainly greater instruments at median price points – many we even carry (we are very careful to select really good ones!) – so this is not a diatribe on why you MUST spend good money on an ‘expensive’ instrument – it is more-so a testament as to why you would maybe want to, and the benefits of doing so.

Attention to Detail

Yeah, we know, every guitar manufacture should pay careful attention to every detail. Problem is, it’s just not realistic. When you factor in all costs: labor, materials, marketing, transit, etc. – when making a guitar at a lower price point something has to give. How many skilled hours go into building the instrument is one of the key factors. It is simple math. An instrument with a higher price tag will have a lot more hours of careful touch by its artisans to catch the ‘small things’ that make a huge difference in a fine instrument.

Superior Materials

High-end materials cost more money. Period. The best hand-selected woods – chosen for tonal superiority and aesthetics are expensive! The best pickups (Lollar, Throbak, Bare Knuckle, Ellis, Custombucker, etc.) are meticulously wound with excellent components. Fretwire, tuners, bridges, inlays, (MOP, abalone, etc.) – it all costs more! But – the end result is a finely appointed instrument where all the components excellently contribute to a whole experience in tone, playability, and looks.

Better Craftsmen

Everyone starts somewhere. But there is no arguing that the best instruments are made by highly skilled luthiers and artisans. The years and hours of each day spent honing their craft is evident in the instruments that leave their benches. Dana Bourgeois, Bill Collings, Richard Hoover, Jim De Cola, Tom Murphy, John Suhr, Tom Anderson – and so many more we would love to mention and that we represent… They have all spent lifetimes perfecting a craft, and they have the eyes, ears, hands, and skill to do amazing things with wood, steel, and wire. It shows. It is something you should be willing to pay for. The best costs more, but the value is commensurate with the results.

Resale Value

Yep – we know you sometimes have to sell a beloved instrument and put it back into the wild. Such is life. If you do have to have a sad parting, you will be much more relieved if the instrument you are selling was an excellent piece of tonal art by a respected builder. They retain much more value, and some can greatly appreciate in value. These great craftsmen can only make so many, and their component resources have limits – so baked in value is a result. Growth investment… and equity return in selling.


Eddie’s Guitars is very proud to represent highly respected brands and carefully curated instruments. Browse through our Electric brands and Acoustic brands – look at all of these wonderful builders’ work. Many of the instruments we carry are ‘lifers’. Heirlooms and treasures to behold, play, and pass on. Serious players, collectors, and investors alike all can find plenty to love about our brands.

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Look at some of these fine instruments below!
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anderson-guitar collings-brazillian-rosewood suhr
gibson-quilt-sg bourgeois-acoustic throbak-pickups
collings-city-limits-deluxe-doghair santa-cruz-1934-acoustic gibson-1959-les-paul-murphy-aged