BoucherEddies Guitars is happy to announce that we recently started carrying a new brand of impressive acoustic guitars from our neighbors to the north: Boucher Guitars.

Boucher has quickly made a name for themselves as manufacturers of quality acoustics in part due to their workshop’s position among the largest Adirondack spruce forest in North America (they are based in the Canadian Appalachian province of Quebec).

These old-growth trees are a treasure trove for guitar manufacturing, as they offer an abundant supply of high-quality top woods and bracing materials. Additionally, each guitar is hand-crafted, and their skilled luthiers are quickly gaining a reputation for producing high-quality instruments.

If you haven’t heard of Boucher before, you aren’t alone – they have a much stronger presence in Canada and Europe than the US – but we are happy to be one of the select dealers Boucher chose to help them grow their presence here in the States!

These acoustics are definitely worth a look (and a listen). It’s very tough to find this nice of an instrument at such a relatively affordable price point.

Remarkable Craftsmanship At A Reasonable Price

Boucher sticks to fairly classic designs in terms of size and shapes of their guitars – think Martin-esque styles but with a modern twist.

For example, Boucher utilizes very classic shapes and sizes for their dreadnaughts and orchestral models with a lot of traditional wood combinations; however, instead of using ivory binding on the body, Boucher opts for wood binding.

Additionally, many guitar manufacturers are following the Martin-style fat neck, but Boucher sticks with a more slim, contemporary neck.

The result is a sort of hybrid of old-style and contemporary builds that is extremely playable and comfortable.

And one of the most intriguing aspects of Boucher acoustics is that despite their high quality woods and superior craftsmanship, the guitars begin at a pretty accessible price point. Starting at around $3,000, you will be hard-pressed to find such high-quality guitar without jumping to a much pricier tier.

While they may not have the reputation or brand awareness of a Collings or Bourgeois (yet), Boucher guitars stand up there with the best in terms of quality and build.

A Well-Rounded Guitar Suitable For Every Style

BoucherOne thing that’s striking about Boucher guitars is how balanced they are. While Martins have a tendency to be on more of the booming side and Taylors are known for a brighter sound, Boucher’s do both very well.

They manage to embody a ton of natural warmth while also remaining extremely articulate on the treble end, creating a very pleasing sound all the way around.

Something else that stands out is the volume these guitars output. For being non-powered acoustics, each of the Boucher models I tried were strong and loud.

In the dreadnaught arena, I tried the Boucher Brass Goose Model. This guitar is perfect for bluegrass or ensemble play, as it is loud enough to stand out in volume and is perfect for flat picking.

On the OM side, I tried the Studio Goose Model. This guitar has incredible clarity for finger-style play and would be perfect in both live or recording studio settings.

The takeaway from Boucher should be that the brand exemplifies versatility. If you’re ready delve into the world of boutique guitars, Boucher is a fantastic place to start. You aren’t going to find a better all-around acoustic at this price anywhere else.

Intrigued by Boucher Acoustics?

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