Eddie’s Guitars Welcomes Warwick and Sadowsky !


Both of those names make bass players smile. Smile BIG.

These exquisite brands are now part of Eddie’s line up and we can’t wait to put these monster harbingers of the boom into our customer’s hands.

Sadowsky has been a superior respected brand since 1979, and Roger Sadowsky is world-renowned for his luthier skills and craftsmanship. Will Lee, Marcus Miller, Verdine White – these are just some of the respected names that trust in Sadowsky basses. They can all attest to Roger’s ability to live up to his simple but highly effective credo:

“It all boils down to good materials, good workmanship, thoughtful design, and the ability to really listen to your clients.”

And in 1982 came Warwick. Originating from the German town of Bavaria, Hans-Peter Wilfer quickly established Warwick as builders of some of the finest basses to ever exist. (Hans-Peter is a descendent of fine instrument heritage as his father founded Framus. Go watch Rik Emmett tear up his sunburst Framus Jan Akkerman model at the 1983 US Festival!) Warwick has attracted names the likes of Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, and Prince – there is no doubt that this is serious gear.

And now, the two brands are internally linked. Warwick is now the distributor of Sadowsky, so each of these fine brands can travel together – and they now have a home here at Eddie’s. So whether you are looking for a Sadowsky Metroline LTD or Vintage Bass, or a Warwick Corvette, Streamer or Thumb Bass – this is the spot.

So get your New York Smack Down or Bavarian Boom rolling right here at Eddie’s…

Check out our new-curated stock of Warwick here…

Check out our new-curated stock of Sadowsky here…

Take a gander at these beauties!
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