In our last blog, we took you back to the 1930s and 40s with two guitars from Martin’s Authentic Series. Now we look at the latest version of a Martin acoustic guitar model: the 2014 Martin OOO18. This Martin guitar combines original vintage and modern features to continue their legacy as the most sought-after brand in the marketplace.

A Combination of Vintage & Modern Features

As the next installment in Martin’s standard series, the 2014 Martin OOO18 combines modern features with some of the vintage features the OOO18 model has been known for since the 1920s. The 2014 Martin OOO18 has vintage features like the old-style tuning machines as well as aging toner to give the body an older look. A more modern neck is coupled with these vintage features to give it a new edge. Meanwhile, some features stretch across history, such as the scalloped bracing, short scale, and dovetail neck joint, while others are a mash up of vintage and modern, such as the new take on Martin’s clean, classic lines.

A Whole Lot of Guitar for the Money

The 2014 Martin OOO18 is a middle-of-the-road for Martin price-wise, but the quality of the guitar is what you might expect from a much larger expense. While other guitars at this price would be equipped with a cheap polyurethane finish, the 2014 Martin OOO18 has a lacquer finish. In addition to being quick to apply and easy to work with during the construction process (which lowers the guitar’s price significantly), lacquer finish is a much higher quality than polyurethane. Furthermore, it repairs better than varnish, which comes in handy with Martin’s lifetime warranty.

Another added bonus is the guitar’s superior tone woods and accessories. The 2014 Martin OOO18 has a Sitka spruce top, an ebony fingerboard and bridge, and mahogany back, sides, and neck. Lastly, this beautiful guitar is housed in a refined case that rises above Martin’s standard.

My Verdict

While bluegrass may make this guitar explode, the 2014 Martin OOO18 is perfect for nearly every other acoustic guitar genre like folk, pop, and blues. This do-it-all guitar is articulate and well balanced, making it the perfect choice for recording artists regardless of their playing style. If you’re willing to spend more of your instrument, there are higher quality guitars out there. However, if you’re looking for a great guitar at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with this Martin from the longest running guitar manufacturer in America.

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