In 1931 and 1941, Martin Guitars made a guitar model that would change guitars forever. The Martin D28 acoustic guitar has long been hailed the King of Bluegrass, and with their latest Authentic series, the Martin D28 1931 and 1941 are available with the same big, classic presence as their original counterparts.

Meticulous Throwbacks: Martin’s Authentic Series

As models of Martin’s Authentic Series, the Martin D28 1931 and 1941 are part of the most accurate and exclusive handmade series of guitars available today. Every guitar maker since has sought to copy these models since their introduction into the musical world, but the Martin Authentic 1931 and 1941 acoustic guitars are arguably the most authentic reproductions. In addition, no dreadnought model has been considered “better” than these Martin D28s.

Little Differences in All the Right Places

Before jumping into the myriad of great qualities these models have in common, let’s briefly discuss the ways the Martin D28 1931 and 1941 differ. Most of the differences stem from the 1931 being a 12 fret guitar and the 1941 being a 14 fret. As such, the Martin D28 1931 is a little louder and a little more bass-heavy than it’s smaller body counterpart. In addition, the 1931’s wider nut is preferable to some finger style players.

Identical Materials Create Sibling Guitars

Other than the “sizeable” differences above, the Martin D28 1931 and 1941 use nearly identical materials to produce their big, brassy tones, including:

  • Adirondack spruce on the top and for braces
  • Madagascar rosewood—one of the best rosewoods available today—on the back and sides
  • Hide glue to hold it all together

The traditional hide glue is an incredibly hard substance that maintains vibration and energy better than modern day binding agents. Other throwback techniques include the hand-carved necks and braces and dove tail neck joints, available on both versions of the Martin D28.

My Verdict

These enormous sounding Martin D28s are incredibly versatile guitars. Country, western, folk, and bluegrass musicians will feel right at home with one of these models. Honestly, if you can’t do it one of these guitars, you probably shouldn’t be playing.

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