How about an this exclusive Collings build for Eddies: A Collings I35 Deluxe with custom ordered appointments that put it in the realm of a very famous brands “355” line.

The Collings I35 as a platform is, for most who have experienced one, an improvement on the solid center block semi-hollow bodies that we have all come to love and appreciate. It perfects the traditional semi-hollow guitars we’ve all known and loved since the 50’s.

It has a slightly smaller body than their vintage counterparts, impeccable craftsmanship, unparalleled fretwork, and the best of the best as far as parts go: Throwback pick-ups, Switchcraft input and switch, CTS potentiometers, Kluson ABR-1 bridge and tail-piece, etc. Collings even makes their own laminates in house for ultimate control over the final product.

This one adds a handful of artful, functional and just plain cool appointments to get even deeper into the original inspiration.

To start, a beautiful aged Pelham Blue finish that is jaw dropping in its beauty, cool-factor and allure. Try and find a 355 with that historic color! Vintage appropriate in a modern setting!

Next, an ebony fretboard that is beautifully dark and a 1st fret inlay that, to our knowledge, is the first such request Collings has delivered. BB King would be proud!

And get your wiggle on with a true Bigsby. Long a desired upgrade on vintage Gibbys, this is a tried and true functional element and the look is to die for. Also, since the weight was low to begin with, the instrument has a low finished weight of just 8lbs even with the wiggle stick—nice, no chiropractors needed.

Most who know Collings know of their beautiful and unique Ivoroid appointments, which worked perfectly for the tuning keys. We kept the black plastics for the body elements because it was just plain sexy.

Lasty, a pair of renowned Throbak pickups make it scream, croon, wail the blues, comp the jazz—whatever your pleasure. This instrument is truly a delight that will carry you through any style and make you look good doing it.

Check it out here on the Eddie’s Guitars website!