Some people can sit around all day looking for the right amount of detailing on an instrument. Other people just want to play a great guitar. The Huss & Dalton DS captures a traditional dreadnought style whose tone, versatility, and size makes it easy to play and sing with.

Going Back to the Basics

Huss & Dalton have a tendency to deviate towards traditional guitar attributes. In fact, this deviation is why many people like them compared to other brands. This model’s lacquer finish, dovetail neck joint, standard scalloped bracing, and the traditional dark sunburst on the Sitka top were all popular in the 1930s. However, this Huss & Dalton DS has a short scale and light weight makes it more comfortable compared to your average dreadnought.

Basically, the Huss & Dalton DS is a slightly fancier interpretation of the Gibson J45. The upgrades are by no means exotic—a snowflake inlay on the fingerboard, maple binding, and ebony fingerboard and bridge are the beginning and end of the aesthetic improvements.

Catering to Guitarists Who Play

A lot of boutique guitar pursuers are just collectors looking for bragging rights, but for that person who wants a guitar they’ll actually play it’s hard to beat this Huss & Dalton DS on a quality-to-price ratio. For a slope shoulder dread, you get a good amount of volume; if you’re looking for more you may have to resort to a Martin square shoulder dreadnought.

Tone-wise, the Huss & Dalton DS is warm and more articulate than other dreadnought guitars. This model is also not as thumpy as other J45s due to a better balance in the lower midrange. These comfortable frequencies make it easy to sing with, which may be why so many singer/songwriter types are drawn to this guitar. In addition, you can pick up the guitar’s rich, strong tones with a pick or your fingers.

Our Verdict

You really would have to nitpick to find a better dreadnought for recording or performing. The Huss & Dalton DS is affordable for the quality—other guitars in this price range won’t sound nearly this good.

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