Suhr Guitars Lets You Emulate the Rock Legends of the 80’s

Suhr. The name has become synonymous with the elite of the current crop of an almost forgotten segment of performers – the ‘shredder’. That’s not to say all Suhr Guitars are for shredders – quite the contrary – but it is certainly a group that has flocked to the blistering specs featured in the Suhr custom line that are immediately appealing to them. And, they have flocked to the aesthetics, which often harken to the good and heady times of the ‘me decade’ – the 1980’s.

Sparkle, neon, and iridescence: Color – Color – Color!

Copper Firemist, Metallic Indigo, Magenta Pink, Blue Denim, Vintage Yellow and Transparent Purple – and so many more to choose from! Bursts and transparents in a dizzying array of colors and blends, plus solids of many decades beyond the 80’s of course too (like the limited edition Standard Legacy with EMGs and a Floyd Rose Tremolo)… But it’s the 80’s inspired ones that we all tend to giggle with joy at when they arrive, regardless of which 100 watt-tube amps you’re running stereo.
Eddie’s has been pushing the Suhr envelope for quite some time, and we are proud to be a top dealer in this line of modern throwbacks – and we are super proud to offer Eddie’s exclusives that you can only find here!

So dig this:

  • Your spandex still fits dude. If not, it stretches!
  • Your aqua-net may have dried out – but you can buy more.
  • Plastic bracelets and neon jewelry – check.
  • More notes in 8 bars than ants on an ice cream cone in August…
  • Practicing your pain mixed with pleasure pout faces for your solo spotlights – Yep, you still got it…

Suhr is ready for you – it’s ready for your Dokken licks (Lynch rules!), your RATT rhythms and solos (Warren!), your Ozzy metal finger-technics (are you R.R. or J.E.L.?) and even the musings of all 57 or so guitarists formerly in Whitesnake (I’ll bet you can name 10 of them without blinking).

John Suhr (formerly a Senior Master Builder of the Fender Custom Shop) knows how to make an immaculate instrument for any player in any genre. Yes, you can play classic rock on a Suhr. Yes, you can play Jazz on a Suhr. Yes, you can play blues on a Suhr. But there are certain Suhrs that are screamin’ in the night for you to blister our ears with a barrage of 80’s inspired technique, glam and flash. Just hit that bridge humbucker!

Suhr guitars are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, tonal versatility, and playability. Guitarists like Pete Thorn, Mark Knopfler, and Mateus Asato are among the many musicians who have embraced the Suhr brand. Pete Thorn is a versatile guitarist who has played with the likes of Chris Cornell and Don Henley, and his fluid playing style is well-suited to the Suhr’s high-end craftsmanship. His guitar, the Pete Thorn Signature, is a lean mean shredding machine. Mark Knopfler is a legend in the guitar world, and his choice of the Suhr brand is a testament to the quality and versatility of these instruments. His Suhr Standard Carve Top Mark Knopfler Signature Model HSS is to die for. Mateus Asato is a rising star who has quickly gained a reputation for his incredible technique and melodic playing style, which is perfectly complemented by the smooth and responsive tone of the Suhr guitars he plays. His excellent HSS model comes in Shell Pink or Black. Overall, Suhr guitars are a favorite among many guitarists for their exceptional tone, playability, and craftsmanship.

Suhr is a brand that is well known for their exceptional guitar craftsmanship, but they also offer a range of top-quality bass guitars. Suhr bass guitars are built with the same attention to detail and quality that the brand is known for, resulting in instruments that offer excellent playability and tone. One popular model is the Suhr Classic J Bass, which is based on the iconic Fender Jazz Bass design but with Suhr’s unique approach to craftsmanship and tonal versatility. The Suhr Classic P Bass is another popular model, featuring a sleek and modern design with simple electronics that allow for a wide range of tonal options. Both basses come with options for maple or rosewood fingerboards. Whether you’re looking for a traditional vintage-inspired bass or a modern design with cutting-edge technology, Suhr basses offer a level of craftsmanship and quality that is hard to beat.

Here is some eye candy!
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