Strandberg. Truly. Different.

What is different? Like, actually Different?

We know and love a lot of brands – and some can be somewhat ‘different’. Variations on an original can be ‘different’. Novel improvements over past design, dare we say flaws or inconsistencies – That can be ‘different’.

But what if you want ‘truly different’.

Enter Strandberg…

Eddie’s has now acquired this amazing brand – and we have embraced its ethos of complete intelligent overhaul of the instrument.

Traditional is here to stay, we all know that. And we love our G’s and our F’s, and we love our advanced traditionalists like our P’s and our S’s, etc… (We know you can decipher this code!)… But, this is game-changing art and design that attacks every aspect of comfort, physics, tone, and performance. Every single aspect of a Strandberg is logically redesigned.

Taking cues from past trailblazers of ergonomics and comfort (Ned, we remember!) – Strandberg has perfected the modern guitar.

The list of skilled players wielding these guitars is astounding – and it’s not just the new guys – there is ‘old guard’ proudly enjoying the benefits of this line.

Let’s briefly talk tech:

Headless Design – Ergonomic balance and stability.

Balanced Versatile Body – Actually balanced. Not close, perfected.

Multi-Scale – Fanned to offer the proper length for each string. Better tone, better playability.

Patented Neck Profile – The EndurNeck™ is the hands best friend.. The back of the neck embodied with physics for every inch of travel.

Space Age Materials – Carbon Fiber and Aluminum that is Mars approved.

Proprietary Hardware – This is the ‘Macintosh’ of Guitar – the hardware integrates to the instrument for tone coupling and tolerance like no other.

See some samples and inventory here!

Hear our Modern guitar guru Griffin pound them in this Live Stream here!

We know these are going to turn heads. Some may not be ready for it. But for those who give these innovative axes a shot – we are certain they will be rewarded with comfort, balance, tone, and the bleeding edge of ergonomic instrument tech.

Welcome, Strandberg! – we are thrilled to promote your vision!

See some awesome samples below:
(Click on each image to open a new window/tab with a large view!)