There’s something to be said for small guitars: With all the frenzy for louder, more powerful guitars, it’s refreshing to sit back and appreciate the sweet intricacies of a well made smaller guitar. The 0 series is the smallest of Collings’ acoustic guitars, and the Collings 03G offers the folk enthusiast a tastefully dressed up guitar with a complex sound.

Small Without the Sacrifice

Many people like the idea of a parlor guitar. It’s something you can pull out on a rainy day or when you have company and strum. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do with a parlor guitar because its size is fairly restricting. By investing in a slightly larger guitar like the Collings 03G, you have a more legitimate, sweet sounding instrument that is perfect for soft strumming or finger style applications.

Overwhelming Overtones

“Small” is not synonymous with “weak” when applied to a boutique brand like Collings. By combining a German spruce top with an Indian rosewood body, the Collings 03G produces an overtone-rich sound with complexity in every note. It’s the kind of guitar you’d see Joan Baez strumming at on stage. The model also has surprisingly good sustain for its size with a warm, articulate, and well balanced tone.

Simple & Beautiful Aesthetic Upgrades

Collings has always had a flair for the subtly impressive. The 03G’s traditional size and shape is outlined with grained ivroid binding with black and white purfling. This 1920s style is accompanied by pre-war scalloped Adirondack braces that contribute to the complex tones described above. In addition, Collings has provided little splashes of color with a:

  • Multi-color mosaic backstrip
  • Select abalone rosette
  • 42 style snowflake Torch peg head inlay

Our Verdict

The Collings 03G is perfect for that introverted songwriter. It’s comfortable to play at home but its tone makes it a great recording guitar. The money you invest in this guitar is well worth it for such high quality and the beautiful appearance.

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