Serek – Super Unique and Super Functional Basses, Designed by a Bassist

Every once in a while a builder comes along with a purpose, and with a fresh perspective on need, want, and desire for something ‘different’.

I mean, who doesn’t love a great Jazz, Precision or Stingray? Or maybe Fedora, Modulus or Sadowsky is your flavor… Either way, we are happy to report we have a new luthier in the market that truly understands BASS. And he is offering up his take on unique, vintage ‘inspired’ but ‘nowhere near a copy’ basses.

We welcome Serek Basses to the Eddies lineup! And no, that’s not Spock’s pop, that would be ‘Sarek’. Cool dude as well – but he ain’t slingin’ the low frequency like Jake Serek…

Jake isn’t just a guy with some wood and equipment – he’s a true bass PLAYER – having wielded the 4-string on stages opening for the likes of Kiss, The Smashing Pumpkins, Slash and MANY more… He gets ‘it’. He gets what a great bass should feel like, and what it should sound like. He gets its functional, audible, and aesthetic place in a mix. He’s a bass player – who happens to also have a creative knack and be one heckuva super-skilled builder.

Armitage, Lincoln, Sacramento and more…

These designs have serious mojo! Inspired by ‘off the wall’ past instruments, these instruments ooze cool. From the body shapes to the color and stain choices, to the hip pickguards or lack thereof… They are like Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons cool. They are ’57 Elvis cool. They are Entwistle cool. They are Chris Squire cool. The list goes on…

Here is some eye candy!
(Click on each image to open a new window/tab with a large view!)

Visit our inventory – read the specs. Ogle at the pics – then get one of these in your hands! They are comfy, they play amazing – they sound great. And they are DIFFERENT. In all the best possible ways!

Give us a call or drop us an email with any questions!

Live Long and Prosper… (Sorry Jake, we couldn’t resist…)