Santa Cruz Unparalleled Excellence!

What really makes an acoustic brand special? With so many lauded builders, large and small, how does one even begin to know what to look for in a high-end instrument? Luckily, here at Eddie’s Guitars, we have decades of experience, dedication and curation of fine brands to really know the minute differentials that make a brand move from ‘good’ or ‘great’ guitar, to ‘excellent’, ‘lifer’, ‘premium’ – ‘heirloom’.

That’s really the word we are aiming for here – heirloom. An instrument that checks all the boxes for sound first and foremost, comfort, aesthetics, and ‘shelf life’ so to speak.

You don’t see Santa Cruz for sale used very often. That is telling right there. These are lifers, keepers, heirlooms.

Here are just a few of the finer points of the instruments built under the watchful hands and eyes of Richard Hoover – Santa Cruz.


“The intensification and enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration”
From Santa Cruz themselves: “Downed trees, sunken logs, old tenements, building beams, master carpenter inventories… We find the most resonant, best-sounding wood possible by responsible means. Tonal qualities improve with age due to the resins that crystallize once the wood is removed from a living tree. We use this secret to enable our new guitars to possess a legitimate vintage sound from the start.”

We here at Eddie’s can attest to the superior ability of Santa Cruz to pick the most amazing resonant pieces of wood on Earth. We’ve never played a ‘dead’ one. We’ve never had to weed out a ‘good one’. They are all exquisite vibrating joys.


What happens when you properly dry expertly chosen woods and you use less bulk in wood construction? You get a light, wonderfully balanced instrument with – yep – you guessed it – MORE resonance. Thinner architecture, lightweight, projection, and vibration!

Hand Voicing:

Once Santa Cruz picks all this amazing wood, they use skillsets honed and shared over centuries (like the finest classic violin luthiers) to hand voice the stock to prepare as superb a base for an acoustic instrument. This is a process of talent, methodology, and sheer experience to get the most out of a soundboard (top) and accompanying components (back, sides, etc.) making the guitar come ‘alive’ beyond what even the natural wood would produce without this fantastic science.

Custom All The Way:

These cats will build just about anything – with their experienced input where needed of course. Their custom shop will build the guitar you’ve always wanted – YOUR heirloom. Eddie’s would love to assist!

String Bonus:

Santa Cruz is so serious about their instruments that they’ve even developed highly celebrated custom strings to get the most out of any acoustic guitar. Check out their Santa Cruz Parabolic Tension Strings – phenomenal!
You can read more about them here…

Just look at some of these fine instruments below!
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Check out our Santa Cruz inventory now – then talk to Matt Chulka at Eddie’s to find your acoustical soul mate…