Richard Fortus: Artist Sessions: The Gretsch G6636T and G6636 Falcon

Richard Fortus…

Guns N Roses, Thin Lizzy, The Dead Daisies, Pale Divine / The Eyes, Honkey Toast, Ben Folds, Love Spit Love, The Psychedelic Furs, Enrique Iglesias, Rihanna, the list goes on, and on, and on…

Here in St. Louis, he is the proverbial ‘local boy done good’. And for this author, having shared bills with him in the early 90s while he was becoming the local hero – I can tell you his ‘done good’ is from hard work, raw talent, and perseverance. He is a joy to hear, and a joy to watch ply his craft.

Richard has also widely become known for his knowledge of gear. As a collector with years of experience and hoards of amazing kit – he knows his way around all aspects of the instrument. He knows guitars, amps, effects, outboard gear, etc – inside and out…

Because of this – and his giant skills as a player – when he does a signature with any maker – people pay attention. He puts the instrument through all the paces on all sizes of stages

His latest partnership is with the renowned brand Gretsch. They have released not one, but TWO models with his name on them – and they are nothing short of spectacular. Designed with historically proven and appreciated foundations, yet subtle, unique elements that make them incredible workhorses, comfortable tone sticks – and flat-out rock, blues, country, and hillbilly perfection. To top it all off – they look FANTASTIC!

Feels, Tones, Looks. What else could you ask for in a guitar? Then add in that it’s a Gretsch made in the highly revered Japanese facilities, and it’s designed in conjunction with one of the most versatile star players in the field.

They are here at Eddie’s.
They are rippin’, like Richard.

Check him out in our inaugural ‘Artist Sessions’ series video talking deeply about the instrument, about his roots and St. Louis – and listen to the hometown boy tear it up!
Click here to View Richard Fortus demo and discuss the Gretsch G6636T & G6636 Falcons at Eddie’s Guitars!


Click here to get you a Gretsch Richard Fortus Signature Falcon

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