Used – Alembic Series I – Cocobolo

Serial Number: 14810
Weight: 9 lbs 12 oz

We’ve been making Series I basses longer than any other model in our catalog. In fact, we were making them before we even had model names or a catalog. The Series I is as much of a powerhouse today as it was back in 1972 and nothing short of a Series II even comes close.

The heart of the Series I bass is the pickups and electronics. We don’t think of them as separate entities, the pickups and electronics work together as a system, a complete thought. The basis is faithful electronics reproduction of the mechanical string motion. The combination of single coil pickups and low-pass filter tone controls offer flexibilty, control and responsibility for your own tone.

Series I basses have been played by such varied musicians as Stanley Clarke, John McVie, and John Entwistle and you couldn’t ever mistake’s one’s tone for another, as the Series I gives a natural sound that is truly a reflection of the emotion the player puts in to the music. You hear the player, not the bass.

Alembic wouldn’t be Alembic without the beautiful woods. While they are pleasing to the eye, keep in mind that different combinations will shape the way the string behaves, thus influencing the tone. The neck woods are most dominant in the sound. We can help you choose the right woods for your custom bass.

There are a variety of body shapes for the Series I bass. Some are related to scale length, others to tradition, and others to personal taste. We have chosen to keep our model names tied to the electronics rather than the shape or scale length, so you will see short scale Series I basses with the default Small Standard shape and some with the Standard Omega shape. Long scale versions are found in Standard Point and Balance K Omega shapes. Still other variations exist and are yet to be created, but they are all still Series I basses.

Other specifications include:

  • Short Scale 30.75
  • Nut 1.625″, 24th 2.360″
  • Fretted
  • Ebony Fretboard
  • Abalone Oval w/Silver Wrap Inlays
  • Top Laminate Cocobolo
  • Accent Woods Maple – Purple Heart
  • Body Wood Mahogany
  • Back Laminate Cocobolo
  • Neck Woods Maple – Purple Heart – Ebony
  • Finish Gloss Body / Satin Neck
  • Clear Gloss Finish w/ Satin Neck
  • Machine Heads Chrome Gotoh
  • Side LEDs Blue + Red, Silver Wrapped Abalone Ovals
  • 2 Volume, 2 Filters, 2 Q Switches, Pickup Selector 1/4″ Output, 5 Pin Output
  • Hard Case
  • 9 lbs 12 oz
  • #14810

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