PRS Private Stock McCarty 594

The PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 HB-II is a beloved model that offers plenty of versatility.

At Eddies Guitars, we are fortunate enough to be able to take these already excellent guitars and turn them into something unique with our own custom run that includes personalized specs.

If you do not want to have the same toys as the other kids on the block, the McCarty 594 is the perfect guitar for you.

Eddies Private Stock 594 Design Specifications

This version of the McCarty 594 is based on the Hollowbody II model. The specifications bring together the construction methods from a HB-II, including the MC594’s scale length, two-piece bridge, Pattern Vintage neck carve, and 58/15LT pick-ups.

As you already know, the choice of woods, hardware, style, and size for any guitar can impact its sound. For this Private Stock 594 run, the scale length changes the overall nature of the guitar’s acoustic properties.

This guitar is going to have less top-end, more body, and a different harmonic content than the typical PRS scale length. To touch on this specific guitar, it is special because it is a completely one-off, custom-designed guitar down to the lumber, which we were able to hand-select back in December of 2018.

The Eddies Private Stock 594 will sit somewhere more in the middle of a typical PRS and the classic guitars that influenced our choices. While it certainly will not sound or behave identically to any specific vintage instrument, the timbre of it may be more familiar than contemporary designs.

This is a special model in the PRS lineup because it expands the pallet of PRS sounds into a territory that is rather exciting for the company.

It’s interesting that PRS is very firmly rooted in the advancement of the electric guitar, but they are still able to create a fresh take on something with all familiar ingredients: This model of PRS feels both old and new at the same time.

Custom Build Unique Characteristics

Private Stock guitars are the only way to get a customized PRS instrument, and there are many unique characteristics to this particular build that make it a must-have.

This guitar features a particularly exciting lumber package, including a very nice matching set of Koa on the top and back, in addition to the inlays, the Eagle on the neck heel, bound f-holes, wood appointments for knobs, tuner buttons, switch tip and much more.

This Eddies Private Stock 594 also features something brand new: Roasted Flame Maple necks, which are a recent addition to The Vault’s lumber offerings (this may be one of the first handful of guitars to feature that appointment).

The sound is characterized as warm and woody with plenty of bite if you want it.

Versatility is a big part of a PRS guitar. This guitar is at home with a variety of play styles and genres such as roots-type music, blues, rock, jazz, or even your own personal style when played at home, on stage, or in a recording studio.

This Eddies Guitars PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 is customized from the ground up, so don’t miss your chance at a one-of-a-kind build that you won’t find anywhere else!

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