Don’t let the long acronym overwhelm you. The Martin SWOMGT is an orchestra model (OM) with a gloss top (GT) and is part of their Smart Woods Series (SW). The result is a truly unique acoustic guitar that strives to provide a quality instrument to musicians using sustainable materials.

Smart Wood Series

Martin’s new Smart Wood Series uses environmentally friendly forest products. Many popular tone woods like mahogany and rosewood are not very sustainable because more trees are harvested than are growing. Old growth trees are becoming increasingly difficult to find and use, causing deforestation and high guitar prices world-wide.

Sustainable Tone Woods

This Martin SWOMGT has a Sitka spruce top and a cherry wood body. Cherry wood is abundant and grows quickly, but is still a good tone wood. While not as deep as rosewood, cherry wood’s tone has a good shimmer to it and good overtones. If you like the sound of mahogany, you should give this environmentally friendly wood a try.

Available Sustainable Models

Martin’s Smart Wood Series has 3 different popular guitar models:

  • OO
  • Dreadnought
  • OM

The OM is by far the most versatile of these three Sustainable Wood guitars.

Boutique Additions

While the Martin SWOMGT is a relatively straightforward guitar, it does have several boutique additions to dress up this classic model, including:

  • Lacquer finish
  • Sitka spruce top
  • Gold tuners
  • Red tortoise binding and matching overlay on the head cap

Our Verdict

The Martin SWOMGT is not a beginner’s guitar, but it’s a great value for a boutique instrument. Because these woods are so available, it’s much cheaper to make than your average mahogany or rosewood guitar. Most acoustic musicians will feel right at home with the OM’s versatile playability.

See This Sustainable Martin SWOMGT for Yourself

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