At first glance, the Collings OM1 Sunburst seems like the folk musician’s ideal guitar. It’s sunburst finish and short scale are reminiscent of popular guitarists like Jeff Tweedy or Nick Drake. However, this acoustic guitar is versatile enough for just about any genre and offers several luxury additions such as an Adirondack top and braces. Everything about the Collings OM1 Sunburst contributes to its versatility, including the:

  • Categorization as an orchestra model
  • Vintage Now neck and bridge
  • Shorter scale
  • Tone woods
  • Martin-inspired design

All Characteristics Combine Into Adaptable Model

As an OM or “orchestra model,” this Collings guitar is great for performance and recording or for just sitting at home and playing for yourself. The Vintage Now neck and bridge allow wider spacing between strings, making it perfect for finger stylists without excluding pickers from the fun. Lastly, the unbound ebony fingerboard is a shorter scale, making the Collings OM1 Sunburst generally easier to play.

Tone Woods Attract Just About Every Musician

Players who want an airier sound may be better off with a OM1 Varnish, but in general the Sunburst offers the same capabilities with more folk flair. This model’s tone woods give the Collings OM1 Sunburst a lot of presence. The Adirondack top and braces balance out the mahogany body, which is normally not as warm as maple. The guitar’s woods provide a solid midrange that make it good for all genres except those that require a powerful bottom end—mainly bluegrass and hard core country.

Elaborating on a Martin Model Design

The Collings OM1 Sunburst is a beautiful and flexible guitar inspired by a design by Martin Guitars. While the original Martin OOO18 used Adirondack, they switched to Sitka spruce in 1942 due to the tone wood’s scarcity. Therefore, the Martin model is a good alternative if the Collings model is out of your price range.

My Verdict

When you come across an acoustic guitar that is this versatile, you get a different guitar for every person that plays it. The Collings OM1 Sunburst is the ultimate bridge between musician and music because it’s versatility is more than just a sum of its parts.

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