Fender Custom ShopFender has long been a leader in the guitar industry and is among the most recognizable manufacturers in the world. With a range of guitars produced starting with beginner Squires to performance-quality Fenders, there is something for every level of guitar enthusiast.

But if you are looking for the best of the best that Fender has to offer, look no further than the Fender Custom Shop, where the highest level of new Fender product can be found.

If you have an idea for a unique build that doesn’t exist, this is the place for you.

There is no red tape, no stops between desires and reality — any unique concept or specification can be brought to life with razor sharp detail, and any vintage model can be painstakingly reproduced while including the option for customized changes that better suit your preference.

What Makes Fender Custom Shop Special?

Beyond immediate access to their finest tones woods and most skilled luthiers, Fender Custom Shop is the only way you can customize a new Fender guitar from the factory. There is no way to get a more “for you” or higher quality new Fender instrument.

This is a way to either find or create something that is completely unique to your discerning specifications.

And whether a guitar is created with your own specs in mind or they were a vision by the Custom Shop itself, these instruments embody more than a half-century of history.

With all of the cool and unique instruments they have created since the early ‘50s, their design limitations are endless. Just check out some of these sweet builds that you won’t find anywhere else:

fender custom shop
63′ Relic Landau Strat — Fiesta Red over 3TSB

63′ Relic Landau Strat — Fiesta Red over 3TSB

Did you know that session guitarist ace Michael Landau has probably played on some of your favorite records? … Do artists like Michael Jackson or Pink Floyd ring a bell? You too can have what the man behind the hits has in his arsenal with this one.

Ltd. Caball Tono Tele

Speaking of bringing together unique specifications, how about bringing a little Gretsch flavor to the Tele world? This Thinline features a loud red sparkle relic finish with a TV Jones in the neck position and a “Red Hot” hand-wound bridge pick-up. This will be equally at home with both the indie rockers and country gentlemen of the world.

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1958 Closet Classic Jazzmaster – Aged Lake Placid Blue

This Jazzmaster brings together the classic styling and lumber choices of the ’50s with modern-day creature comforts. You’ll find Fender’s new (and vastly improved) RSD Bridge, medium jumbo frets, and a 9.5 radius on the neck. The discerning eye will also catch the trendy black pick-up covers and roller knobs.

Fender Custom Shop
Fender Custom Shop Master Built Rosewood Jaguar

Nocaster Blonde Relic Strat

When it comes to the NAMM Shows, Fender only rolls out their very best. This Nocaster Blonde Relic Strat pays homage to their ’50s era counter-parts while rocking out with 6105 frets, 9.5 radius, and a one-piece riffsawn maple neck.

Fender Custom Shop 50s Super Faded / Aged Telecaster Custom Taos Turquiose Journeyman Relic Custom-Built Summer Event LE

Here’s another NAMM Show beauty with the rare Taos Turqoise finish. Truly an exceptionally cool instrument with double-bound “Custom” body and single-ply white guard. It’s like we took all of our favorite Tele aesthetics and combined them into a single guitar.

Fender Custom Shop Master Built Rosewood Jaguar

Rarely do you run across a full rosewood Tele, and never do you find a Jaguar with such appointments. Leave it to Fender Master Builder Greg Fessler to bring a good idea to life with absolutely stunning figured rosewood compromising 100 percent of the instrument.

Build Your Own Fender Custom Guitar

If you’re ready to customize your own guitar, be sure to contact us to talk about your build — you need to go through a certified Showcase Dealer like Eddie’s to place your order with the Fender Custom Shop.

We would also be more than happy to help with any specifications or recommendations for your custom guitar. We have yet to run into any limitations when it comes to specs, so the sky truly seems to be the limit. However, we are certainly willing to test them!

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