Nearly every boutique guitar brand has fashioned OM guitars on the popular Martin model. This Martin OM-42 incorporates high-end detailing with its classic design to produce the perfect acoustic guitar for just about any musician.

A Tasteful Take on Martin’s Traditional Design

Martin’s OM guitars have been around for over 80 years due to their wide spread and long lasting popularity. You no doubt have seen them used with some of the more famous acoustic guitarists like Eric Clapton or Bob Dylan.

The Martin OM-42 uses the company’s second most extravagant detail work, though it’s far less expensive than Martin’s 45 style. In addition to the 42 style around the edge, this acoustic guitar features gold hardware, grained ivroid binding, tortoise pickguard, and smaller inlays on the bridge and headstock. These aesthetic details elegantly accompany the beautiful tone woods without looking gaudy or out of place.

A Sharp Tool for Your Instrumental Arsenal

Much like the Huss & Dalton DS we reviewed last week, the Martin OM-42 Orchestra Model is built to be played. The model is like a hammer in your toolbox and is versatile enough to be used in blues, folk, or just about any other acoustic genre.

This Martin OM-42 has forward-shifted, scalloped bracing and a dovetail neck joint. Both the placement of the bracing and its design creates a guitar that moves more when you play it, making it more lively, responsive, dynamic, and lighter-weight than other OM guitars. What little you sacrifice from the larger Martin D/Dreadnought models

In addition to the bracing, this Martin OM-42 has a Sitka spruce top that is more responsive than Adirondack tops you may find on other models. While Sitka doesn’t produce the same roar as Adirondack, it is far more articulate, making it a great guitar for recording purposes. In addition, the Sitka top material is paired with an East Indian rosewood body that gives the guitar’s back and side material those rich overtones that acoustic musicians crave. The neck material being mahThe 25.4” scale length on the low oval high performance taper is comfortable without sacrificing tension. The nut width is and the string spacing is 2 5/32″, which compliment the other specs for maximum playability. The ebony fingerboard is as exacting as it is stunning to behold. The body size fits ergonomically into many different shapes and sizes of musician. The stunning abalone inlay work all over the instrument, from the snowflake on the fretboard to the multi-stripe rosette, to even the gold open gear tuning machines just drive home the S-tier specs on the instrument. This guitar comes with a 3-ply hardshell case and is available in left-handed models as well.

Our Verdict

If you care at all about acoustic guitars, there’s something about this Martin OM-42 that you’ll love. While its not necessarily a collector’s item—as everyone’s opinion differs on that front—it will hold its value today better than any other guitar you invest in. However, if the price for a 42 style guitar is outside the depth of your wallet, you may consider our more affordable OM-28. You still get a great Martin OM guitar, but without paying for the aesthetic benefits.

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