While Paul Reed Smith has a fairly straightforward product catalogue of guitars and specifications, they do allow Elite Signature Dealers to create special runs of 10 guitars with custom specs selected from an expanded list of options.

At Eddies, we are fortunate enough to design these limited runs and recently had the opportunity to hand-select the wood from the PRS factory in Stevensville, MD.

For this run we are going to highlight, we decided to go with a custom set of PRS Special Semi-Hollows, which turned out just as incredible as you would expect in terms of build quality but with a unique character that you won’t find on core production models.

The Wood Library at PRS Guitars HQ has a variety of different types of lumbar that are not used in the core model guitars to choose from, giving us the opportunity to create something truly unique.

From the body and top to the neck and fretboard, we were able to hand-select each piece of wood that was used to create an instrument that is incredibly balanced, sonically versatile and strikingly unique.


We chose Korina for the body because it is not found in production models but comes from the Mahogany family, giving it a beautiful finish with deep, warm tones and articulate overtones. This is particularly important since the body wood has the most impact on sound quality.


While we elected not to go with highest grade figured maple available, we chose 10-Top which provides impeccable strength of the figuring and fantastic book matching.

PRS Wood Library Special Semi-Hollow
PRS Wood Library Special Semi-Hollow


Figured Maple was utilized as the neck lumber for two reasons: It is able to be stained to match the top finish and while that is a very popular appointment, that is not a Core model option. Additionally, when combined with the Korina body, it adds a particular top-end chime that is very flattering to the 58/15MT – Narrowfield pick-up set.


Not a member of the Dalbergia family but captivating nonetheless, we chose Ziricote due to it’s incredibly unique grain and similarity to Brazilian Rosewood in terms of warmth and projection. The distinctive aesthetic is also something you will not find on core model guitars.


We were also able to select custom hardware and decided on a smoked finish for it’s sleek, tinted chrome appearance. This hardware option looks great with most PRS finishes nicely keeping a fairly traditional aesthetic but managing to be noticeably different at the same time.


PRS is well-known for the versatility of their instruments, and we took our Special Semi-Hollow a step further with the use of 58/15 Multi-Tap and Narrowfield pick-ups. In additional to complimenting each other well, the use of a 5-way switch and coil-taps for both humbuckers creates more than 10 possible pick-up settings!

And while all of these specs sound great on paper, how does it actually sound? Simply phenomenal.

With big, warm, articulate and clean tones, this guitar will feel perfectly at home in rock or blues play styles. It can even pull off a mean Strat impersonation!

This guitar essentially uses a PRS Custom 22 as the framework but adds onto that already remarkable instrument in a number of unique ways. Finally, the charcoal finish on the maple top is simply stunning even by PRS standards.

You won’t find a PRS guitar this exclusive outside of their Private Stock program, which allows for a one-off build that comes with a significantly higher price tag.

Be sure to check out our limited edition PRS Special Semi-Hollow. With only 10 guitars in this unique specification, this is your chance to own an incredibly exclusive PRS build that you won’t find anywhere else.

And be sure to check back regularly for more Eddies Custom PRS Wood Library guitars — we requisition multiple custom runs each year, so you can always find a unique PRS build.