Suhr has made a reputation building the modern guitarist’s perfect platforms and doing it so perfectly that many of the world’s most demanding and proficient players call them the best.

The instrument inspiring this dialogue is a custom configured order from Eddie’s that yielded a visually stunning specimen, with traditional ‘plus’ tone woods and versatility that is unrivaled.

First: The Finish & Woods

A gorgeous Desert Gradient over a highly select quilted two piece maple top that makes it hard to look away affixed to a comfortably traditional mahogany body. Beauty and tone abundant!

Add to that a Pau Ferro fingerboard on a mahogany neck for uniqueness, tone plus traditional feel along with a gorgeous ‘Double S’ 12th fret inlay and traditional clay fret dots. The combo is striking atop the already discussed top. (Plus bonus – a Pau Ferro switch tip to match!)

Second: Comfort!

Stainless steel jumbo frets on a modern elliptical profile satin finished neck. A body lauded for its tummy, arm and hand contours. And of course, one of the best neck to body joints in the business. She feels as good as she looks.

Third: Electric!

Inspiring top quality electronics and pickups including Suhr’s coveted SSV and SSH pickups and a 5-way blade selector to coax all the tones you need.

Lastly: Class!

Sharp gold hardware appointments that look impeccable with the wood and finish choices – including gorgeous traditional humbucker covers in gold.

You’ll want to hang this vision it on the wall and stare at it, until you play it—then it will never get put up again.

Check out this stunning powerhouse at Eddies Guitars website here!