As one of the best rising acoustic jazz musicians, Eric Skye has collaborated with Santa Cruz guitars to create the Santa Cruz Eric Skye model. This acoustic guitar is the perfect addition to any musician’s collection thanks to its:

  • Cocobolo body
  • Fantastic tone
  • Superb finger-friendly playability

Take a Stab at a Cocobolo Guitar

In addition to its notorious Van-Gogh-like aesthetic, cocobolo is a fantastic tone wood for guitars. Its use as a tone wood has grown in popularity over the years. Guitarists who prefer rosewood should consider trying out a cocobolo guitar.

While similar to rosewood, cocobolo has better highs that make it sound a bit brighter. In addition, the sound is more complex and deeper than your average rosewood guitar. Its distinctively glassy bottom end is matched with an overall piano-like timbre that Brazilian rosewood can’t match.

Well Played, Santa Cruz (And Well Built)

Once you start really getting into the Santa Cruz Eric Skye, you’ll notice its great sustain and range. The model’s dovetail neck joint makes it more stable and improves the guitar’s overall sound by transferring waves from the neck to the body better than other necks. These neck joints are not commonly found among guitar manufacturers outside of Santa Cruz and Martin, but the labor-intensive addition creates a better guitar.

Other perks of this traditional OO include:

  • Adirondack braces and top
  • Ebony pyramid bridge and fingerboard
  • Herringbone inlay
  • Grained ivoroid binding on neck and headstock

Our Verdict

Eric Skye is known for acoustic jazz, but he plays just about every acoustic genre from classical to folk. That said, his Santa Cruz Eric Skye is a more limiting than, say, an OM model. This acoustic is a superb finger style guitar. In addition, you get a lot of volume for its small frame, making it good for performance and recording.

As far as where you lie your brand loyalties, Santa Cruz is one of the best guitar manufacturers around. Since they’re best at their smaller body guitars, the Santa Cruz Eric Skye is the perfect size for a taste of what Santa Cruz does best.

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