The Collings OM is one of the most popular and versatile boutique guitars on the market. Our Collings OM2HG adds a deeper body, Collings original inlays, and a superior finish to round out this already stellar model.

Bright & Complex: These Tone Woods are First in Their Class

The Collings OM2HG combines an East Indian rosewood back and sides with a German spruce top and Adirondack braces. While Collings recently released guitars with Madagascar rosewood, the East Indian variety is more affordable and keeps the overall price of the acoustic guitar down.

As you’ll notice if you compare the OM2HG to an OM with an Adirondack or Sitka topped acoustic guitar, the German top has a brighter tone. However, this Collings OM2HG gives that brightness extra depth with Adirondack braces. Adirondack is known for transferring energy better than other tone woods and providing a richer and more complex sound than Sitka, which is standard in other OM models.

Keeping the Conversation Deep with a Bigger Body

This Collings OM2HG has a deeper body that gives more volume and a bigger bottom end. In fact, you can play this guitar much harder than your typical OM without losing the overall balance. This depth makes it perfect for every acoustic genre except for bluegrass, but you still get good definition since it’s not a dreadnought guitar.

Adding Extra Touches to a Popular Model

Unlike many of the OM2s on the market, this model has several aesthetic extras that make the price completely worth it. The body’s herringbone inlay and abalone rosette frame the guitar beautifully. In addition, we’ve replaced the nickel tuners with ebony to match the bridge and neck with a Flourish mother-of-pearl inlay on the headstock to top everything off.

Collings Superior Sunburst Finish

Small sunburst guitars are becoming very popular in contemporary folk music. However, Collings guitars have superior finish work compared to even the most popular brands like Martin and Gibson. Some brands use a cheaper satin finish that rises as the lacquer dries while other brands may have a discoloration over the binding or even show the sunburst completely off center. Collings, on the other hand, sprays their finish and hand-buffs 8 or more coats before they consider the process complete.

However, Collings sunburst finishes look different depending on the top’s tone wood. For instance, compare the sunburst on the Collings OM2HG German top with the OM1 Sunburst’s Adirondack top. German spruce is a whiter wood while Adirondack is more yellow, giving the OM2HG a cleaner looking and brighter sunburst.

My Verdict

This model’s great sustain makes it a perfect recording guitar. The Collings OM2HG is extremely versatile, but not for any lack of character. In fact, it’s harder to single out an ideal player for Collings guitars because the brand doesn’t have the same longevity as Martin or Gibson. Take the lack of precedent as an opportunity to make it your sound’s ideal brand and model.

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