If you are a recording musician, you no doubt know that a good recording guitar is essential to get the best final product possible. The Collings O1 German 12-Fret is the perfect guitar for the recording environment due to its:

  • Quality woods that provide clear, dynamic, and well-balanced tones
  • Longer body than many smaller guitars, which allows for more volume and better responsiveness
  • Versatility for a variety of uses in the recording studio

Quality Woods Provide Great Tonal Qualities

Collings Guitars are known for their combinations of quality woods in order to achieve certain tones. The Collings O1 German 12-Fret combines a German spruce top with walnut back, neck, and sides to give tones the definition and dynamic capabilities needed for recording your music.

German Spruce Top

The acoustic guitar’s German top is a dense wood that gives a piano quality to the instrument: bright, but not harsh. This wood also has a wide range, so your sound is balanced from bass to treble.

Walnut Sides & Back

The Collings O1 German 12-Fret has a walnut body that is somewhere between the complexity of rosewood and the drier, less harmonically rich tones of mahogany. In addition, Collings Guitars makes very few instruments from walnut. And if we’ve learned anything from selling Collings guitars, it’s that the more unique they are, the better they sound.

Longer Body Pushes Volume and Responsiveness

Although the Collings O1 German 12-Fret is a smaller acoustic guitar, it is not lacking in projection. The guitar’s 12-fret traditional design as opposed to the more recent 14-fret design depends on a longer body to give more volume. In addition, the bigger body allows more movement in the top, which produces a deeper, looser sound.

My Verdict

The Collings O1 German 12-Fret is a cool, well-rounded, understated guitar. You don’t have to worry about paying for any excessive bling or ornamental features; every cent goes into the excellent craftsmanship, quality materials, and fantastic sound. While some Collings guitars are suited to musicians from specific genres, the Collings O1 German 12-Fret is less limited in its application. Whether you favor traditional folk, ragtime, delta blues, or classical music, you’ll feel right at home with this acoustic guitar. Country and rock players may be better off with a larger guitar. In particular, virtuosos with classical training will appreciate the Collings O1 German the most because it lends itself to finger stylist musicians.

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