If you’re a jazz guitarist with nostalgic tendencies, you’ll be blown away by this Collings electric guitar. The Collings East Side LC Deluxe is an old school model with a retro sound and it maintains the same refinement and class of the great jazz guitarists from the 40s and 50s.

Larger, Bolder Body Leaves Great First Impression

Before you even pick this electric guitar up, the Collings East Side LC Deluxe makes a statement. Looks aren’t everything—especially when it comes to good music—but they certainly never hurt. The dark cherry body’s size makes this instrument eye-catching guitar radiant even from a distance. But don’t worry: once you tuck this baby under your arm, it’s deceptively comfortable.

Laminate Construction Lowers Price, Increases Volume & Midrange

While many jazz guitars have arch tops made out of solid wood, Collings Guitars has opted to use laminate construction (LC) for this model to lower the market price and allow a louder, acoustic tone from the instrument. In fact, many musicians opt to play the East Side LC Deluxe without plugging it into an amp because you can still get a great sound.

In addition, the laminate construction makes this Collings electric guitar the perfect choice for swing bands or big-band jazz ensembles. These guitars have a stronger midrange that is ideal for cutting through the low-end basses or percussion and the high-end horns or violin. You can fill in the sound space without being overpowered by higher or lower frequencies.

Lollar Charlie Christian Pickup Adds A Nostalgic Edge

Remember that old school refinement and class I mentioned earlier? While some of that is due to Collings Guitars’ consistently perfect designs, credit is also due to the vintage-inspired pick up. This humbucking pick up is a remake of Charlie Christian’s, a prominent jazz musician from the 40s and allows for a cleaner, darker, thicker sound.

Additional Accessories Should Emphasize Guitar’s Best Qualities

The Collings East Side LC Deluxe is a very articulate guitar, so you don’t want to cover it up with an overdrive amp. This electric guitar is best suited for a clean amp like any of the 60s Fender amps.

My Verdict

Like all Collings Guitars, the East Side LC Deluxe is flawlessly built with no mis-measurments to speak of. While fans of overdrive and other messy effects or those who play far out of the midrange may want to steer clear of this particular model, the Collings East Side LC Deluxe will satisfy the most meticulous, hard to please jazz musician out there.

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