If you had a bad skin condition, you wouldn’t go to any ordinary doctor. You’d go to a dermatologist. In the same capacity, if you want to play finger style acoustic music, you choose a guitar that specializes in finger style applications. The Collings OM2HE’s spectacular tone wood combination and unique shape makes it the perfect acoustic guitar for any finger stylist.

Warm & Responsive Tone Woods

The Collings OM2HE has an East Indian rosewood body and Engelmann spruce top. The rosewood provides a warm tone with good overtones, but also brings the price of this boutique guitar down because it is the most standard tone wood that Collings guitars use.

Not Like Other OMs

However, what makes this guitar stand out from other OMs is the Engelmann spruce top. Engelmann spruce has less headroom overall compared to other spruces, making it the most responsive to a light touch. Unlike other OM guitars, which can normally be adapted to any genre or style, the Collings OM2HE is more distinct and specialized. For instance, you don’t see Engelmann on rip roaring guitars used for bluegrass.

While the Collings OM2HE can be played with a pick, it is primarily a finger style guitar. This model has nuance that you don’t find in other acoustic guitars. Lastly, this guitar has a bit of sparkle to the top end of the scale that will keep listeners intrigued.

Let It Be Light

Collings put a lot of effort into making this mid-sized guitar as light as possible. Its pyramid bridge is physically lighter than a belly bridge and the cutaway frame shaves off some extra weight.

We at Eddie’s Guitars don’t typically have a lot of cutaways from other brands. Their sound is often diminished compared to non-cutaway guitars. However, Collings’s cutaway guitars don’t lack anything to our ears.

In fact, the Collings OM2HE has better sustain than basically any other OM we have in stock. When you hit a note, it almost gains momentum as it goes (that doesn’t happen very often, even with guitars four times as expensive).

Our Verdict

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the Collings OM2HE is for any musician who wants to specialize in finger style music. Its clean aesthetic highlights the cutaway form more than gaudy details, and the price is decent for a Collings guitar.

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