Caparison – Exquisite Shredders from the Rising Sun

We axe wielders know there is amazing guitar product that comes from Japan. The country’s craftsmen began putting us all on notice well before the 70’s – but they really hit their stride during that decade, and arguably got the US manufacturing biggies back in line with the quality they presented.

Today, many big and small manufacturers utilize the amazing skill sets the builders in Japan offer, an ‘F’ brand, two ‘G’ brands, an ‘I’ brand – you get the picture… But, there are also homegrown, superior ‘boutique’ builders in Japan that turn our heads.

Caparison is one of those. Get ready to say WOW!

The designs are not for the faint of heart, but certainly not so loud you need earmuffs and NYC-sized egos… It’s a good balance. While the signature Devil’s Tail headstock and Clock Inlays certainly stand out – the real story is in the architecture, form, function, feel, and tone of these guitars:

• A perfect 15-degree headstock angle, which allows for a locking nut with no tension bar. Smart.
• Set neck and bolt necks, which have a neck joint that makes the non-shift and resonance nearly identical. Clever.
• Super thin topcoat finishes for ultimate resonance while not losing durability. Perfection.
• Flatter compound radius that aren’t too extreme, but well balanced for the majority of modern playing styles. Intuitive.
• Pickups designed with wire chosen specifically for each instrument’s unique voice. Insightful.
• A neck profile that slightly changes from the nut to the 12th with a median thickness to not cause fatigue. Ergonomic.

And Caparison is not the new guy on the block. They have been perfecting their craft for well over 25 years and putting instruments in the hands of demanding players worldwide.

Here is some eye candy!
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caparison-blog caparison-guitar caparison-blog
caparison-blog caparison-blog caparison-blog
caparison-blog caparison-blog caparison-blog

We are very proud to offer them in Eddie’s lineup. Give us a call or drop us an email with any questions – and go check out the inventory! As with all Eddie’s inventory, careful curating is where we start…

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