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When it comes to the question of “Can I buy a high-end guitar on the Internet”, the answer is “Yes.”

Should you? Absolutely!

Any serious player will tell you that you need to play a guitar before you buy it. You need to feel its weight; you need to explore its balance. You need to like the neck profile; you need to relish its architecture. The sound must make you smile, grimace or growl, whatever is appropriate for your tastes.


Local retailers can only stock so much in-store. Overhead and investment into stock has its limits. Real estate square footage has its limits. Staff to deal with both has its limits.

With the Internet, every store becomes an option. Meaning every piece of potential inventory in the country, and dare I say the world, becomes an option.

It is an Internet world. The majority of our customers are from afar and we cherish them as much as our local flavor. Most vendors, Eddie’s Guitars included, are very understanding with online purchases and return policy. If you take great care and need to return an item undamaged, no sweat. We want you to love your new toy. We know sometimes a color or a particular specification will make someone jump to the ‘wants’ and then fall short of the individual tastes upon arrival.

Be prepared to deal with some shipping costs – a dealer can’t eat all that. But, when you are looking at $100 on a $3-6 thousand or more instruments, think of it as a cheap insurance policy for the opportunity to know it’s just not the right one for you. And more often than not, you know you best and you will pick accurately anyway.

Maybe even look at it as a short-term rental. You got to experience it and learn more about your tastes. Return it and work with your rep and find the right one on the next go-around.

Eddie’s wants you to have an arsenal of trusted, glorious axes. We are willing to go the distance to help you find the right ones. Player, collector whatever – let us make the Internet a place to find your perfect guitars.