Bourgeois: Superb Instrument Building and Expansion

Dana Bourgeois.

That name is synonymous with excellence in the luthier landscape. From his work with Schoenberg Guitars and Martin Guitars, to founding his own line of fine acoustic instruments sporting his name in 1993 – he is truly one of the greats building today. And he has surrounded himself with a team of artisans and staff that are creating tomorrow’s heirlooms from their lovely perch in Maine, USA.

Proof is in the Players

What do renowned players like Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Ry Cooder, James Taylor and Lee Roy Parnell have in common? They are great players who all know great instruments when they see, play and feel one. With a roster like that you can’t second-guess the Bourgeois prowess – and new amazing artists are being added to the roster every year. Take a look at the impressive roster here!

Proof is in the Heritage

Originally grabbing attention with his OM builds; Dana Bourgeois and team have a bevy of finely crafted ‘classics’ to choose from. Dreadnoughts, OM’s, Slope D’s, Orchestras, OO’s, OOO’s and so on. If you want a classic, they build it – and they build it better. And they offer some exciting new styles as well, always pushing the envelope…

Proof is in the Improvements

Building classics is just one part: improving on them is equally part of the magic. Here are just a few that Bourgeois and Eddie’s Guitars feels are amazing advancements in acoustic guitar construction:

  1. Torrefied or Aged Tone Woods
    Anyone who knows acoustic instrument science knows that wood ‘opens up’ as it ages. The moisture lessens, the wood hardens – and it becomes more resonant. With the Bourgeois terrified process, its ‘Aged Tone Woods’ basically create a 50-year-old instrument new out of the box. It is not snake oil, it is not smoke and mirrors – it is real. We hear it every time we pick up a specimen. Glorious.
  2. Aged Tone Finish
    Another well know character of an old guitar is the finish gets harder, it gets thinner, it gets more resonant. Bourgeois guitars use a process that creates their ‘Aged Tone Finish’, which like the torrefied woods above makes the instrument more resonant. It’s super thin, it’s super hard, and it sounds super amazing. Again, 50 years of curing right out of the box.
  3. Unique Neck Joint
    Ease of adjustability, neck reset, repair benefits and more. There are naysayers who squawk when they hear ‘bolt on neck’ on an acoustic – then they play one, they hear one. And – they ‘see one’ – It doesn’t show, it’s all ‘under the hood’. You get all the benefits of a set neck, but none of the limitations.

Click here to check out the history and even more unique features that bring these fine instruments to another level!

Proof is in Partnership and Growth

In 2019 Bourgeois partnered with international instrument company Eastman Music. Of course the move was met with praise – and concern. All concerns are well behind Bourgeois now as we have seen a steady increase of the availability of these fine instruments internationally and more might behind the brand, which has been purposely (and thankfully) left to operate as always, with Dana Bourgeois as CEO and his elite team still building everything with the excellence we’ve come to expect from this stalwart brand.

The addition of more USA workforce, and additional high-end equipment has been made possible by the partnership. And – the introduction into new price points to make the brand accessible in additional market segments has also been made possible by the partnership. It truly has been win-win – and – more great things are coming from the relationship.


Eddie’s Guitars is proud to be the top Bourgeois dealer in the world. In part, we have helped grow the Bourgeois brand, and in turn, their brand, and most importantly, superior craftsmanship, has helped us grow.

Click here to take a gander at some of the fine instruments we have in stock… and let us know if you have a dream acoustic that we can design you and employ our partners at Bourgeois Guitars to make realty!

Look at some of these fine instruments below!
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Bourgeois Guitars Bourgeois Guitars at Eddie's Guitars Bourgeois Guitars at Eddie's Guitars
Bourgeois Guitars at Eddie's Guitars Bourgeois Guitars at Eddie's Guitars Bourgeois Guitars at Eddie's Guitars
Bourgeois Guitars at Eddie's Guitars Bourgeois Guitars at Eddie's Guitars Bourgeois Guitars at Eddie's Guitars

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