The most recent Bourgeois Luthier’s Choice OMSC custom guitar is an incredible fingerstyle acoustic crafted from the finest Italian spruce soundboard and Brazilian rosewood back and sides.

For these guitars, all of the materials, aesthetic details and voicing profile are selected and determined by the experts up in Lewiston, Maine, and for this build, specifically designed by Dana Bourgeois himself. With access to the finest tonewoods available (Adirondack spruce, Koa, Indian Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood, Bearclaw Sitka Spruce, Sinker Redwood, Cocobolo Sinker Mahogany, Figured Mahogany, etc.) You can rest assured that the guitar you’re observing was constructed with a curated purpose.

In this particular guitar, there are several new features that haven’t ever been employed in a Bourgeois before, making this a very unique instrument.

Dana’s Take On New Design Elements

First is the forearm bevel that is carved into the body. This is a design element that a number of more contemporary style builders have been using with the idea to lessen the sharp angle of the body where your forearm rests while in playing position.

This not only adds comfort to the player, but also keeps the player’s arm from dampening vibrations from the top of the guitar resulting in improved resonance while playing. This is complimented beautifully by the tonewoods selected in their hand voicing process.

Next is the beveled sound port, which like forearm bevels, are features that are typically associated with modern steel string acoustic guitars.

The sound port, a hole carved in the top side of the upper bout and aimed toward the player’s face, is a feature meant to provide more sound to the player.

Often described as a “personal monitor,” the elegant sound port projects the guitar’s sound to the player creating a more intimate feel and playing experience.

On this guitar, Dana chose to frame this sound port with a Ziricote wood bezel that is purely aesthetic but ties in well to the bindings on the rest of the guitar.

Amazing Tones & Build Quality

The Bourgeois Luthier’s Choice OMSC features top quality construction for stability and reliability. The guitar top is Master Grade Italian spruce top and the back and sides are Master Grade quarter sawn Brazilian rosewood.

Both of these woods have the highest velocity of sound compared to any other tonewoods, which results in an immediately responsive instrument capable of delivering its full tonal range with minimal input from the player.

Brazilian rosewood is the old standard and creates a full range sound with great balance, clarity and depth while Italian spruce is light, fast and is responsive to both a light or heavy attack. It has a greater presence of harmonic overtones compared to other spruces and has excellent sustain with a blooming quality to its sound.

Combined, they create a high end guitar that is capable of reaching a wide range of tones for both the professional and casual guitarists alike.

The Bourgeois OM style is arguably the most versatile body shape available. Paired with the pristine craftsmanship Bourgeois is known for, it would serve as an excellent tool in any musical arsenal. You won’t be able to drown out bluegrass dreadnoughts in pure headroom but the complexity you gain in contrast is more than worth it.

Additional Construction Elements

Double X Back Braces

While these braces were not invented by Dana, he continues to refine their potential.

Cat’s Cradle Fingerboard Inlay & Rosette

Modern, minimalist lines stylized in an eye catching and pleasing way to create an intricate design.

Bookmatched Ziricote Headstock Veneer & Tail Wedge

Another purely aesthetic feature, but it helps perfectly tie into other visual elements present in the guitar.

New Bridge Design

This is a bit smaller and more stylized than the usual bridge shape. It’s carved from ebony and inlayed with block of ziricote.

While this particular instrument has already sold, keep an eye out for additional Bourgeois Luthier’s Choice guitars as Dana continues to amaze with his innovative designs and meticulous attention to build quality.

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