Bourgeois is renowned for their high-quality acoustics, placing them among the most respected boutique guitar builders in the world. And now, Dana has released a new model that keeps up with the sterling Bourgeois reputation for excellence at a lower price point than many of their past guitars: The Generation Series.

This new line will come in both OM and Dreadnaught body styles and features few options to keep the build cost lower; however, the Generation Series will still include first-rate specifications.

Additionally, this guitar includes a unique “hidden” pickup that allows you to play acoustically or amped up. Overall, the Bourgeois Generation Series is packed with incredible value from one of the top acoustic manufacturers around.

Standardized (But Still Quality) Specifications

While the specs for this line of guitars will be fairly standard across the board, that doesn’t mean you are getting something lower-tier.

Each Generation Series guitar will come equipped with an aged-tone Sitka spruce top, mahogany backs and sides, Schaller (as opposed to the usual Waverly) tuning machines and they will lack the decorative volute found on most Bourgeois instruments.

You will, however, still find an ebony bridge and fingerboard common to Dana’s guitars, and the back braces have been redesigned so they are narrower and taller, which allows the back a little more freedom to move.

These are also the first Bourgeois acoustics to have a satin finish as opposed to the fully buffed out shiny guitars Bourgeois fans are used to. This produces a softer, more natural look that also helps keep the cost lower since less man hours are spent finishing the guitar to a perfect sheen.

The pickup system – which is not usually included in Bourgeois guitars as a standard feature – utilizes the LR Baggs Lyric, a very high-quality internal microphone. What is unique about this feature is that the sound wheel is recessed back in the sound hole much farther than most manufacturers, keeping it hidden and discreet.

Unless you pay close attention to the end pin, it would be difficult to tell this is an acoustic-electric.

Clean Sound Both Acoustic & Amped Up

Like most torrefied Sitka spruce / mahogany guitars, the Generation Series has a fairly dry, direct and defined sound. Due to its clarity, it would make an excellent recording guitar.

When you listen to it played both acoustically and plugged in to an amp, the guitar sounds remarkably similar — the LR Bagg Lyric does a phenomenal job capturing the character of whatever guitar they are in.

The most important quality Dana was going for when it came to designing this model was maintaining tone and playability, and the Generation Series does just that: It is a reliable, versatile guitar with top-quality specifications and craftsmanship at a much lower price point than the typical Bourgeois acoustic.

We were fortunate enough to pick up the first Generation Series OM and Dreadnaught produced at the winter NAMM show, and production will likely be limited on this line.

If this sounds like a guitar you would be interested in, be sure to jump on it quick because we are not sure how many of these we will get our hands on.

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