Back in the 1920s and 30s, the Martin 00 was a standard guitar for any musician whether they were beginners or professionals. As time and corporate interest went on, guitar manufacturers became more concerned with creating the cheapest guitar for the most money. Luckily, Martin has revived traditional building techniques with their Vintage Series Martin 00-18V model to provide a well-made, reliable boutique guitar for the masses.

Better Guitars for Better Value

As discussed in a previous blog, Martin’s Vintage Series provides musicians with the best possible values. Guitars in this series are above the Standard Series but not as expensive as the Authentic Series.

However, the Martin 00-18V avoids the flashy aesthetic details found on other Vintage Series acoustic guitars. The Martin 00-18V is a simple design with good materials, making it a relatively affordable Martin guitar. Great tone and playability make this well constructed guitar more than a sum of its parts. The light-weight model is a comfortable size, making it perfect for performing folk musicians or rock players like Steve Howe from Yes. It always has been and continues to be one of Martin’s most popular acoustic guitars.

Upholding the Martin Name in Quality Features

The Martin 00-18V uses widely available and structurally sound materials, including a Sitka spruce top, ebony fingerboard and bridge, tortoise binding, and mahogany body. While mahogany is not as rich or warm as rosewood, the Martin 00-18V is bright, well-balanced, and woody. It also packs more volume than you’d expect form a smaller guitar.

Our Verdict

Although the Martin 00-18V was an entry level guitar in its day, today its intended for those professional musicians who appreciate the quality but don’t want a decked-out boutique guitar. The smaller body makes this model naturally better for finger style musicians as opposed to picking. Anyone who is looking for a basic performing guitar can’t do much better for the price.

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